June12-13 Antiques, Collectibles and Household Auction


Friday, Jun 12 – 6:00 p.m.  Saturday, June 13 – 10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Large selection offered in both sessions.  Building is full and items are still being inventoried for both sessions.  Check back often for updates.

SATURDAY:  Winchester Model 75 .22 target rifle, Remington Arms – Union Metallic Cartridge Co. 30-30, W. Greener English double barrell hammer lock shotgun – barrell marked “William Greener Inventor of Laminated Steel” owned by two-time National Men’s Foils Champion and Olympian Scott D. Breckinridge, French bayonette dated 1878, leather rifle cases, Rare German WW2 Carl Eickhorn sword with partial portapee strap and black sword hanger, Cherry cannonball bed, cherry poster bed with bed steps, cherry 6-drawer chest, dresser with wishbone mirror, walnut Victorian marble top coffee table, (2) gilded tables, cherry footstool, rockers, washstand, walnut table, wicker patio furniture, Beaten Biscuit machine, iron arrow weather vane (Tennessee), great selection of Vintage clothing, Baldwin Acrosonic spinet piano and bench, pine dinette table and 6 chairs, stuffed chairs, Lane recliner with heat and massage features, platform rocker, painted vanity and chest, table and floor lamps, Waterford beer glasses, Noritake Grandeur china, cut glass, steins, hand painted plates, Tom & Jerry sets, Childrens mugs and china including Epp’s Furniture Company, Mt. Sterling pieces, linens, hand pained china bowls, Nippon, Belleek vase and ewer, Clarice Cliff plate, shaving mugs, Fenton, hobnail opalescent, Victorian prints, Harrison Cady prints, Paul Sawyier “Moonlight Mooring” and “Capital City”, First Day Canceled stamp “Mickey’s Birthday” Oct. 25, 1993, 510/1500 with C.O.A. and reproduced Walt Disney signature, Funko Wacky Wobblers (9), battery operated toys in box, manuals, folk art quilts and canes – Goodpasture family, German papier mache toy animals, Lumar A&P Hauler, mirrors and other framed prints, plaques presented to John B. Breckinridge, Attorney General of Kentucky, etc.

FRIDAY:  Foreign currency and coins including Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Morgan (1898, 1921) and Peace (1922) dollars, American Eagle, silver coins, other coins, Advertising including framed calendars:  Leroy Enstrom Transfer Oakland, Nebr. 1940; Bush-Irvin Garage, Winchester, KY 1945-46; 1948 Drink Ale81 and Range’s Garage 1949 Lexington; Lance and Tom’s store jars, advertising tins, Winchester Dairy pint and quart bottles, Marsh Dairy Winchester, Winchester postcards, Railroad postcards, First Day covers, early Paris and Lexington photos, MIB HotWheels and MatchBox cars, 1996 Starting Lineup basketball figures in bubble packs, copper foot warmer, brass bucket and hod, iron items, Mammy note board, stone jugs, crock bowls, Royal Ruby, fountain glassware, Swanky Swigs, Cathedral type food jars, Nicholasville-Corbin-New Orleans, Louisiana soda bottles, View-Masters, Great collection of old magazines – Saturday Evening Post (1930′s), Better Homes and Gardens (1940′s), The American Home, Sports Afield, Rod & gun, Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, Railway Clerk, Farm Journal, Motor Trend (1950′s), Good Housekeeping (1930′s), Gun Digest (1963), National Sportsman (1931), guns (1950′s), Progressive Farmer (1950′s), Kentucky Explorer, Guns & Hunting (1960), American Rod & Gun, Popular Mechanics, Machanix Illustrated, story books with records, Boys Life, DeLuxe Car Kulture, Railroad, Southern Agriculturalist; Hot Rod (1961, 1966), MAD, Star Wars and Star Trek, Railroad Model Craftsman (early 1960′s), Life (1940′s-1970′s), LOTS of great ads suitable for framing!  LOTS of comic books – many in sleeves (Tranformers, Star Trek, Fantastic 4, Conan The Barbarian series, SpiderMane, Disney titles, Shi, Marvel Fanfare, Turok, Batman, Superman and many more), 10-cent (Tom & Jerry, Daffy, New Funnies, Donald Duck, Little Lulu, Nancy and Slugo, Patsy and Hedy), 12-cent (Challengers of the Unknown, Mystery in Space, Dennis the Mennace, Flying Saucers Comics, Two-Gun Kid, Smoky, The Cat, Reggie’s Jokes, Uncle Scrooge, Torchy, Turok, The Phantom), 15-cent (Flash Gordon, Uncle ScroogeClassics Illustrated, Dr. Solar Man of the Atom, Petey, Tower of Shadows, Star Trek), 20-cent (Tarzan, Journey into Mystery, Korak Son of Tarzan, Mandrake the Magician, Wher Monsters Dwell, Dr. Strange, Fear, The Shadow, Black Magic, Beetle Bailey, Rima The Jungle Girl, The Frankenstein Monster, Strange Adventures, Demon, The Mighty Thor, Weird Mystery Tales, Ghosts, The House of Secrets, Black Bolt and the Inhumans, Sorcery, Monsters on the Prowl), 25-cent (Guardians of the Galaxy, Outlaw, The Brute, Casper, Dennis the Mennace, Night Rider, UFO Flying Saucers, Tomb of Darkness, The Flintstones at the New York World’s Fair, Bugs Bunny Vacation Funnies, Bugs Bunny’s Trick ‘N’ Treat Halloween Fun, Yogi Bear’s Winter Sports, Bugs Bunny’s Christmas Funnies, Bugs Bunny’s Winter Fun, Billy the Kid, The Lone Ranger, Doomsday #1, Weird War Tales, Mod Wheels, Claw, Weird Adventure Comics, Doctor Strange, Red Circle Sorcery, Thonger, Archie’s Pals ‘n’ Gals), 30-cent (Starman, Weird World, The Champion, The Mark of Kane, Logan’s Run, The Witching Hour, Tom & Jerry, Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny, G.I. Combat, The Great Gazoo, The Spider-Woman, Scary Tales), 35-cent (Creepy Things, The Tomb of Dracula, Giant Size Creatures – Werewolf, The Flash, Space War, Space Adventures, All New Fightin’ Army, Battlestar Gallactica, Spider-Woman, The Witching Hour), cards and stickers, and more.  Fire Fighting Collectibles:  Beam’s Fire Chief Car, Emergency Ambulance, 1930 Model A Ford Fire Truck (No. 4 in Beam’s Historic Fire Vehicle Series), Bulldog Mack 1917 Model AC Firetruck (No. 3 in the Series), Ski Country 1923 Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine (No. 1), Fire Pumper decanters, Fire Fighting Whiskey 1982 “Are You Okay” decanter, Famous Finds 1981 19th Century Fireman, 1972-74-75 Limestone Whiskey Limited Edition Fire Fighter decanters, Limestone Whiskey Fire Fighter Helmet (No. 7) and Fire Extenguisher (No. 9) decanters, Beam Fire Chief Helmet decanter, Hawthorne Village Fire related houses, Pennsylvania Railroad lantern with red globe, other lanterns, Electrolux sweeper, hand tools, Sunbeam propane grill, portable band saw, Werner 24′ extension ladder, Werner heavy duty 16′ step ladder, LeFebure metal 2 door fire safe with key, like new Whirlpool washer and dryer, car manuals, Sports and War books.  Items unsold on Friday will be included in Saturday’s session.

Terms:  Cash or Check with proper ID.  Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% Buyer’s Premium added on all items.

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