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Great selection of prints with children and animals, religious prints, 1960′s Carlisle merchant calendars, post-war Hitler Youth knife, eagle head dagger, Villaume a paris and Salvadore de Durro violins.

IMG_6106 IMG_6193 IMG_6192 IMG_6191 IMG_6190 IMG_6183 IMG_6181 IMG_6180 IMG_6179 IMG_6178 IMG_6177 IMG_6176 IMG_6175 IMG_6150 IMG_6149 IMG_6147 IMG_6146 IMG_6134 IMG_6133 IMG_6132 IMG_6131 IMG_6130 IMG_6129 IMG_6128 IMG_6127 IMG_6125 IMG_6123 IMG_6121 IMG_6112 IMG_6079

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