Sept. 19 Auction


Saturday, Sept. 19  10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road   Carlisle, KY

Great selection including:

Guns:  Antique Smith & Wesson breaktop revolvers including .38 S&W, Glock 22 (with box), 22C and 23 pistols, LSI Puma 1911-22 with knife, Winchester Model 24 12 ga., LC Smith Field 12 ga, Romanian Cugir 22LR, Marlin 60W .22 LR with scope, Mossburg 352K .22LR, Remington 7400 30-06, Remington M11 12 ga., Winchester Model 12 28″ full 12 ga., Remington Woodsmaster Model 742 30-06, , Revalation 12 ga, Khan 0/4 shotgun, New England Arms 50 Cal. BP sidekick, New England Pardner 20 ga H&R, Rossi Rio Grande .410 over and under, Berretta M1200 12 ga, Winchester 121 .22LR, Winchester Model 69A, Revalation Model 120 .22 LR, Savage 720 12 ga., Belgian single shot boot pistol with brass barrel, Iver Johnson nickel/pearl revolver.  Please call for details on transfer of guns.

Pocket Knives:  Case XX, Kissing Krane, Hen & Rooster, Keen Kutter, Belknap John Primble, Schrade, Camillus, Boker, Star, A.G. Russell, Ka-Bar, Schmidt & Ziegler 3-blade, Boker Story Teller collection, Queen’s Salute to Kentucky  2-knife set, Daniel Boone commemorative, The Service Series, Winchester The Tennessean and The Kentuckian, NKC&DA Kissing Krane 1977 knife; NKCA 1978 3-blade Rodgers Wostenholm, Case XX 1976 and 1979 National Knife Collectors knives, Boker American Hardware Industry 1979 LE knife, Schrade Grand Dad’s Old Time Barlow LE, Keen Kutter 3 blade, BlueGrass Belknap First Edition Commemorative, Schrade Grand Dad’s Old Timer-II Limited Edition, Keen Kutter “The Spirit of St. Louis” limited edition, Bertram Hen & Rooster set of 10 1865-1976 111th Anniversary set, #38, with MOP and stag handles, other commemoratives, Boker Great American Story knives, 2 carry display cases.

Hand Sewn Quilts, Bybee Pottery, Blenko Glassware, Cherokee, Great Smokey Mountains and Cornelison Pottery, Wicker including Floor Lamp, sofa and chair, table, Graniteware, Candlewick, Cut Crystal, Wooden Dough Bowls, Lexington Fire Fighting Helmets, early leather helmet, cast iron fire mark, Royal Doulton dogs, Stone Jars, Baskets, Cast Iron fire pumper, Southern Comfort bank, fine oak sideboard with mirrored gallery, square oak dining table with 6 leaves, Carlisle, KY marked oak bed, oak library table, oak sideboard, Cherry drop leaf dining table, brass organ lamp, Walnut day bed, fine burl walnut KD wardrobe and matching bed, Watt apple bowl, Fiesta, Advertising items, Linens, Show cases, Mid-century Modern pieces, selection of Perfume bottles, unusual Chicken basket, Paris and Cynthiana, KY sterling sourvenir spoons, early small Eagle powder flask, early bleeder, and much more.

Great Selection of prints:  Gene Gray signed and framed prints (American Red Fox ’69, Eastern Gray Squirrel ’68, Striped Skunk ’69, Raccoon 896/1000 ’72, Bob White Quail ’77) large selection of Ray Harm prints in original sleeves (Yellow-Breasted Chat, Mourning Dove, Carolina Wren, Baltimore Oriole, Flicker, Ovenbird, White-Throated Sparrow, Kestrel, Rufous-sided Towhee, Purple Caneflower, Purple Fanlip Orchid, Spider Larkspur Wild Hyacinth, Ruffled Grouse, Purple Martin, Wood Thrush, Yellow-Headed Blackbird, Tufted Titmouse Carolina Chickadee White Breasted Nuthatch, Magnolia Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Little Blue Heron Semipalmated Sandpiper, road-runner, California Ground Squirrel, Red Winged Blackbird, Eastern Bluebird, Cardinal, Summer Tanager, Pileated Woodpecker, blue Jay, Indigo bunting, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Vermilion Flycatcher, Eastern Bob-White, Scarlet Tanager, Mockingbird), Ray Harm framed signed Pintail, Ray Harm framed Downy Woodpecker, K. Kuyper ’89 Burma Shave and Mail Pouch, Guy Coheleach print, Paul Sawyier prints, Gary Kaulitz Ropin & Hopin.

Coins: NTC AU58 1921 Alabama Commemorative half dollar, PCI AU58 1926 Sesquicentennial half dollar, PCGS AU50 1898-S Morgan dollar, 1921 Peace dollar, 1922-S Peace dollar, 1879-O Morgan dollar, Cuban coins, 1918 Illinois Centennial Commemorative half dollar

Terms:  Cash or Check with proper ID.  10% Buyer’s Premium added on all items.

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