President’s Day Antiques Auction

President’s Day Antiques Auction

Monday, February 17  10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

To include a selection of cherry furniture, fine clocks, Western and contemporary art, paintings, mink coats and a fabulous collection 14k and 18k gold jewelry, pearls and more being sold for the Shirley T. Firestone Trust of Lexington, KY, 40+ pieces early Selden Bybee including a unique ink well, early Hand Made Waco including pieces with incised and stamped marks, a Bean Blossom Bybee bowl, strawberry glaze pieces, Genuine Bybee, Cornelison and more, sterling silver, military items, oriental rugs, advertising items and much more.  Live bidding will be available at  Preview:  Sunday, Feb. 16 from 2 to 6 p.m.

Fine walnut and mahogany Chippendale 5-drawer chests, mahogany Chippendale 7-drawer chest, fine burl wood dressing table, early tilt top tables, carved secretary bookcases, mahogany Chippendale 8-drawer chest-on-chest, custom made cherry 4 and 5-drawer chests, cherry corner cupboards, inlaid mahogany oval dining table, set of 6 Chippendale dining chairs, cherry and pine game tables, acanthus carved mahogany king size poster bed, walnut tall back bed with carved back and urn finials, pair of English walnut curio cabinets, Councill upholstered arm chairs, Brandt Furniture pine game table, cherry block front game table, Henredon Charles X side table, Wellington Hall pr. mahogany side tables, oriental rugs, decorative mirrors, decorative coffee tables, 2-tier mahogany tray table, walnut adjustable fire screen, round walnut table with bandy legs, early dovetailed blanket box in original blue paint, Victorian music stand, Teakwood carved back arm chairs, 1853 Sarah Potts sampler “Modesty”, Neiman-Marcus tan full length mink coat, Ermine car coat, cherry slide top games box, copper weathervane with dog and cat, .

M. Fred Hirsch “St. James” sterling 5 pc. coffee and tea service, Gorham #319 9″ sterling silver bowl, Towle 10″ #52830 sterling silver bowl, Bogaert sterling julep cup, C.C. Co. sterling julep cups, Mark J. Scearce, sterling Presidential JFK julep cup engraved “Keeneland The Blue Grass Heights 1961 Miss Summer Time”, International and Manchester sterling julep cups, 7″ sterling silver loving cup dated 1914 presented to Alfred Clay (descendant of Henry Clay) for winning the Blue Grass Championship, lighting including (4) Houze Glass bridge/piano lamps, Oriental covered urn, and more.

Curtis Jere 71″ steel rod “Eagles” sculpture on chrome pyramid form base, outstanding 68″ bronze ballerina sculpture marked “AKE AP/12″, Mickey McGuire oil-on-canvas paintings c. 1982 of Western wildlife scenes and an Indian ambush scene, Henry Scott (1911-2005 – European) maritime oil-on-canvas “Wild Night off the Horn, Clipper ship Benjamin F. Packard, Built 1883 at Bath Maine”, oil-on-canvas painting of a horse in a landscape by English Equestrian artist Raoul Millais, John Bentham-Dinsdale oil on canvas of the Colonial trading ship The Timaru, Jerry Riness c. 1982 Western oil-on-canvas paintings of Western scenes with horses and Indians and “The Man from Sugar Creek” of a bearded man in a tobacco patch with mules, Gustavo Novoa jungle scenes including a 57 1/8″ X 44 1/4″ example with zebra, leopards, raccoons and  prong horn antelope, Lucien Leinfelder hand painted panel, Parisian street scenes including one signed (Louis Anthony) Burnett, Salvador Dali hand tinted etching, Evel Knievel signed prints, Jenness Cortez “lost Code” print, “Real Quiet 1998 Kentucky Derby” framed photo, Fred Stone signed “Turning For Home” print, Robert Wesley Amick horse print, and more.

Fine plated silver including an early hot water urn, sets of Theodore Haviland New York “Apple Blossom” and “Varenne” china, candelabra, brass wall sconce, black figural boot scraper, Nippon, R.S. Prussia, Royal Vienna, Carnival glass, pr. Dresden-type 16″ candelabra, fine 11 7/8″ St. Louis Crystal France vase, cut crystal, French suspension bubble jewelry box, French walnut, brass and ebony Portico clock, French Boulle ormolu mounted Martin & Co. clock, marble and brass clock set with garniture and works marked H&F Paris, French boulle ormolu mounted clock with red/black marbleized ground marked Cousens & Withside, Seth Thomas domed mantle clock, German lithopane stein, and more.

Michelin Tires cast iron Michelin Man 22 3/4″ store figure, Gilbert old Mr. Boston Fine Liquors clock, Hamilton’s Old English Blackoil broadside, Dr. A. Reed’s Cushion Shoe for Men and Women metal sign, braided hair watch fob, Old Kaintuck Whiskey plate, Hiawatha bust, Dixie Belle Butter Pretzels tin (Louisville), Roy Rogers pony saddle, Franklin Mint Frederick Remington’s The Broncho Buster hot cast bronze replica 1265/1500, “Second Brigade in Camp” broadside, framed page from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper of The Hon. John C. Breckinridge, Democratic Candidate for the Presidency, Lake County, OHIO Union Presidential Tickets 1864 – Abraham Lincoln for President and Andrew Johnson for Vice President, Alvin C. Poweleit limited edition books, framed German 1939 newspaper with Hitler on cover, WWI belt, WWII 13th Tank Battalion items, WWII German Daimon signal light, group of German WWII medals, Japanese WWII meatball flags, SA German RZM M7/37 dagger, Hitler Youth camp knife, German Police helmet with double decals, Italian and English WWII helmets, 1972 Munich Olympics Serge Poliakoff lithograph, wooden display with Perryville Battlefield finds, Civil War near relic Calvary sword, 1/2 plate photo of a Confederate officer, Etienne French bayonets, German Air Force hat, German SA dagger RZM M7/14, German SA dagger marked Carl Schmidt, E. Pack & Sohne parade dagger, Bent & Bush early Naval “fore and aft” hat, WWII Nazi Rural Police helmet, WWII Nazi Veteran’s cap, Hitler Youth drum, WWII drill instructor’s hat, Henry Boker marked Civil War Cavalry sword, Emerson & Silver civil War era sword, German WWII SS Waffen jacket, other military items.

Platinum Marquise diamond eternity band of 4.66 carats ($18,000 appraisal), 14k white gold 3.56 carat diamond cluster with center stones of 1.5 and 1.1 carats, 18k emerald (5.0 carats) and diamond (5.0) carats bracelet, 18k white and yellow gold Kria Italy 19″ necklace with 4.0 carat checkerboard cut aquamarine, 18k yellow gold 12.0 carat Kunzite and diamond pendant, 14k yellow gold 55.0 carat checkerboard cut amethyst pendant with 3.0 carats diamonds, 18k yellow gold cabochon ruby (6.0 carats) and diamond (4.0 carats) bangle bracelet, 14k 3.0 carat pear shaped opal and diamond ring, 14k 8.5 carat amethyst and diamond (.50 carats) ring, 18k yellow gold bracelet with multi-colored stones, 14k yellow gold bracelets, 14k rope chain with multiple flower slide pendant, 33″ gold charm necklace with 14k and 18k charms, JemLok 18″ and 16″ triple strand Akoya Cultured pearls (6.5 to 7.0 mm) with 18k white gold oval clasps, tourmaline 6-strand necklace with 18k yellow gold clasp and beads, 14k yellow gold acid finish bangle with cabochon rubies, emeralds and sapphires, 14k  tourmaline and peridot ring, 14k yellow gold citrine bracelet, 18k yellow gold and ruby bee pin with 8.5 – 9.0 mm pearl body, 14k yellow gold owl pin with ruby eyes marked F.J.G., 14k blue topaz and diamond slide, 14k ruby and diamond ring, 14k 6.0 carat aquamarine yellow gold filigree ring, 14k 3.25 carat citrine and diamond (.18 carats) ring, 14k yellow gold 37.0 carat Rhodolite Garnet bracelet, 14k yellow gold citrine and sapphire flex ring by Elizabeth Gage, 18k amethyst, tourmaline and diamond ring, 14k and 18k tourmaline and diamond rings, 18k citrine-amethyst-tourmaline and diamond clasp, 14k yellow gold ladie’s watch with diamond face and bezel, Hamilton gold watch with Kreisler 14k gold band, DeLaneau 18k gold, diamond and ebony watch, 14k yellow gold heart locket with pearls, 18″ 14k Omega domed necklace marked Italy, NIE, fresh water pearls, carved ivory bracelet, Mexico silver belt, 18k yellow gold Tiffany & Co. ball cuff links by Jean Schlumberger, Tiffany & Co. golf shoe key chain, Mark Spirito sterling 16 3/4″ necklace with faceted stones, 18″ Tahitian pearl necklace with 14k clasp, 14k cuff links, 5-strand 16 1/2″ multi-color freshwater pearl necklace with 14k clasp, necklace with blue stones and 14k clasp and spacers, 14k pearl necklace, turquoise, and much more.

Terms:  Cash or check with proper identification.  13% Buyer’s Premium.  3% discount for payment by cash or good check.  Visa and MasterCard accepted.  Additional 3% Buyer’s Premium charged to internet bidders.

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