President’s Day Antiques and Collectibles Auction

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Monday, Feb. 20  10:00 a.m.


Pair of important Bourbon County, KY African American oil on canvas portraits of a gentleman and his wife attributed to KY artist Reeson B. Crofft, James Alick Riddel painting of two young men, Alfredo Lobos painting of a cottage, TEJ King painting titled “Cal’a'fornia Redwoods”, G. H. Furlong painting of a woodland path, J. Giadish Midwestern oil painting, oil on board titled “dans le parc”, Mountain Man with pack horses by Mickey McGuire, Redwood Nez signed Midwestern landscape, Gordon C. Pond oil titled “Canyon Del Muerto” and Midwestern landscape signed Gordon, oil on panel titled “Norwood with Snow” by Greg Storer, David Williams 1977 water color of an Indian chief, Scott Addis double signed oil on board of a colorful Spring landscape, R. Bolton Smith oil on canvas waterfront scene, oil on canvas painting of a young girl titled “A Study of Frank W. Benson’s Portrait of Elizabeth, c. 1901″ by Malenda Trick Chandler, other paintings, Karl Smith 1933 Historical and Geographical Map of the State of Kentucky “The Dark and Bloody Ground”, Cast iron benches, including one marked The Kramer Bros Fdy. Co. Dayton, O, and a wire garden bench, quality lighting including a Moe Bridges table lamp with mica shade, Bradley & Hubbard table lamp with leaded shade, brass student lamp, Fehr’s Malt Tonic Louisville large oval advertising tray, 78 pcs. Gorham Buttercup sterling flatware, 25 pcs. Towle Mary Chilton sterling flatware, 3-line stone canner, Rookwood, Roseville and Hull pottery, Pewabic 2007 Detroit art deco vase, Limoges plate with colorful hen and rooster, Staffordshire figurines and lions, RS Prussia, Royal Vienna and other fine porcelains including bowls, plates, vases, chocolate pots, cracker and biscuit jars, Indian baskets and pottery, fine triple silver plate plateau, cased pulled feather vase, St. Louis Crystal France cut crystal vase, large blue cut-to-clear Bohemian vase with deer, blue and white transfer decorated china, good selection of toys including Smith Miller “Smitty Toys” Blue Diamond Service hydraulic Mack dump truck and Cargo Utility truck, All Metal Prod. Co. Express livestock hauler, Tonka Toys Livestock hauler, Buddy L Hydraulically Operated Loading Scoop-N-Dump, Buddy L and Tonka firetrucks, Alabama Coon Jigger, Mare and foal tin pull toy, great selection of cast iron, lithograph tin and other cap guns, poppers and peas shooters (cast iron – Pluck, 6-shot with revolving trigger, Perfection, R&R double barrel, Lion, Star, Eagle, Volunteer, Scout, America, 1776-1876 Centennial, Colt, Pony, Chief, Bunker Hill, President, Army, Navy, Buddy, Cowboy, Lion, Kid, Dude, Big Chief, Pluck, Rattler double barrel, S&S, Buffalo Bill with box, Presto in box, Rodeo in box, Bang-O in box, Invincible in box, G. Man in box, Mountie in box, National No. 350, Border Patrol, Captain, Champ, Jr. Police Chief, Spit Fire in box, Long Boy, Wild West, various Buffalo Bill long iron; Daisy Mfg. Co. Buck Rogers Liquid Helium Water Pistol and pop Ray guns, Kilgore Ra-ta-ta-tat Machine Gun, Gene Autry pr., Lone Ranger pr., Dick Tracy Siren pistol, Wyandotte pop ray gun and Me and My Buddy Pistol, Kilgore The Minute Man repeating rifle in box, Hopalong Cassidy Gold Plated Repeating Cap Pistol, Law Make with box, Milton Bradley peg shooters, Kilgore Minute Man rifle in box and more), scarce candy containers, large selection of iron, lead and metal soldiers/figures including many hard-to-find pcs., large selection of vintage Fisher-Price toys, Godinger Bacchus silver plate flask, large French cut crystal vase, First National Bank and Trust Company Lexington, Kentucky $10 and $20 1929 National Currency Notes, Oz books by L. Frank Baum, Ruth Plumly Thompson and John R. Neill, Big Little Books, Walnut Victorian marble top Dog table, Victorian hall tree, marble top Victorian coffee table, exceptional Mitchell-Rammelsburg walnut Victorian bed with carved crest, c. 1812 4 drawer chest with ball feet with top marked Samuel Cooper and William H. Miller and dated, Mahogany dining table with Ronald Reagan history, early painted blanket chest with single drawer and dovetailed case, good one-drawer stands in cherry and curly maple, mixed wood poker table, Mission style hall stand, inlaid cherry dressing table, walnut 5 pc. parlor set, revolving countertop bookcase, reproduction Victorian chairs and marble top tables, fern stands with marble inserts, stack tables, unusual single door ice box, Mobo horse, wooden seat tricycle, wooden rocking horse, plateau mirror and silver plate candlesticks, Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox and thermos, Set of (5) Cincinnati Reds 2011 Johnny Bench bobble head dolls, and more.  LIGHTED BOARDING HOUSE SIGN – ROOMS $2.00 (NOT WORKING), Willet cherry sideboard, cherry 2 pc. hutch, Davis cherry carved back dining chairs, Davis cherry drop leaf dining table with turned legs, china cabinet, Bohemina red cut-to-clear glassware, and more that will be sold off the catalog.  Visit our website at for additional details.  Live bidding will be available at

Terms:  Cash or check with proper ID, Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% Buyer’s Premium.








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