Pre-Labor Day Antiques Auction

Pre-Labor Day Antiques Auction

Sunday, August 31  2:00 p.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Great selection of quality items including good decorated china including a rare opportunity to see multiple identically molded porcelain bowls in a variety of colors and decorations, berry sets, biscuit and cracker jars, ferners, tall landscape vases, center bowls, selection of pipe and hatchet ashtrays, hat ashtrays, unusual collar-form cuff link boxes, good lighting including a blue Moon & Star banquet lamp, good Aladdin lamps including a pink moonstone floor lamp and pink moonstar table lamp, Coca-Cola reproduction lamp, lighted wall sconces, Sessions mirrored back hanging wall clock, other good mantle clocks, fine cut crystal including decanters, bowls, etc., selection of cast iron banks including horses, George Washington and a rare Santa with tree, collection of Jumbo Peanut Butter jars, contemporary pottery, Ertl John Deere pedal tractor, other children’s items, good prints, child and doll quilts, selection of hats and mannequins, grouping of wooden boxes, egg baskets, great selection of children’s items including Mother’s Kitchen cabinet, cradle, toy sewing machines, Oriental 4-panel screen, miniature juicer, Foxy Toys game, German tin child’s dishes, other good child’s dishes, Maytag wringer washer, Ridlen & Ridlen electric child’s tove, Polar refrigerator, Little Lady electric range, lard tins, child’s sofa-chair-rocker set, bisque dolls, doll canopy bed, doll wardrobe, child’s duckbill cart, Victorian doll bed, child’s kitchen cabinet, child’s oak hall tree, doll platform rocker, child’s wicker rocker, Griswold pups, apple cider jugs, celluloid Santa toys, sample washstand and folding table, Schoenhut piano, Tom Thumb child’s barber shop booster chair, child’s kitchen cabinet with tambour roll and flour bin, cherry quilt rack, marble top washstands, 2 Victorian chairs, brass wood box, brass umbrella stands, yellow ware bowl, Blue and whit salt glaze stoneware pitchers, bowl, salt crocks, etc.  Great selection of Civil War, World War I and World War II related books.

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