October 30 Auction

Collections Auction

Thursday, October 30   6:00 p.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Great selection of Nascar die cast replica cars, die cast toys, large collection of unusual Mason jars, boxed jar rubbers, unusual jar openers, glass candy containers, (18) Goebel Co-Boy figures and dealer sign, large collection of Fenton including bells, fairy lamps, bowls and vases, lots of bottles including Lexington, Winchester, Louisville, Paris and Harrodsburg pharmacists and druggists, Bitters bottles, cures, great collection of soda bottles (Lexington, Louisville, Danville, Paris, Carlisle, Covington, Richmond, Irvine/Ravenna, Maysville, Lebanon, Frankfort, Newport, Elizabethtown, Corbin, Jackson), carbide lamps, miniature irons, cigarette lighters (Evans, Ronson, Dunhill, Zippo, Parker, Occupied Japan) and other tobacco related collectibles including match strikers, cigarette holders and cigarette cases, Occupied Japan, KY Derby glasses (60′s, 70′s, 80′s), political buttons and much more.

Fruit Jars:  Pints – Ball Mason with 5-dot bottom, Ball Mason #4, Ball Mason X, Newmark Special Extra Mason Jar, Boyd Mason, amethyst Economy.  Quarts – Mason’s Patent #11, Improved Crown with glass insert lid, Atlas Mason’s Patent, The Marion Jar Mason’s patent #10, Red Key Mason #1, Mason’s Patent with cross #202, Whitney Mason, green Mason’s Patent #26, The Ball Mason’s Patent #228, Mason’s 6 Patent, Mason’s CI Patent #13, Mason’s 4 patent, Mason’s Patent with Daisy on back #A83, Ball Ideal #2 wire sealer, atlas E-Z seal wire sealer, amethyst Mason’s Patent dimple back, clear Mission Mason Jar, Atlas Strong Shoulder Mason #6, S Mason’s patent #A1, Kerr Self Sealing #7, amethyst Economy, Ball Perfect Mason, Trademark Lightning Putnam #839 wire sealer, Globe #18 wire sealer, clear Economy (Sand Springs, OK).  Half gallon – light blue Mason’s Patent with cross #141, Mason’s Improved with cross #8, Mason’s Patent #393, mason’s Patent #103, Mason’s N Patent #18, Mason’s SCo. Patent #149, Mason’s CI Patent #C262, clear Ball Perfect Mason #1, clear Economy (Chicago), Ball Mason, clear Ball Eclipse Wide Mouth #12.  Jar rubbers in decorative boxes, jar holders, jar hook, (17) jar openers.

Druggist/Pharmacists bottles:  Lexington (W.H. Ballard, Ballard’s Pharmacy, S.A. & J.G. Smith, R.R. Harting, J.B. Simrall, J.C. Bryant, H.H. Barnes & Co., Alex Hall, Barnes & Hall, Barnes & Hall Incorporated, McAdams & Morford, Cooper & Dunn, Miller & Saloshin, Davis & Robertson, T.B. Wood, Harting & Browning, Purnell’s, Jas. E. Cooper, Purnell Downing Drug Co.), Georgetown (Thompson & Son), Harrodsburg (Meisburg’s), Winchester (T.L. Phillips), Paris (Clarke & Co.), Louisville (T.P. Taylor & Co., Edw. B. Schieman, Neat Richardson Drug Co.), Cassell, E.G. Fowler – Montgomery, Alabama, Shandy’s Court House Pharmacy – Terre Haute, Ind., Red Raven Splits, Father John’s medicine, Phillips Emulsion cod Liver Oil, Peruvian Celery, Glover’s Imperial Mange Cure, Brown’s Iron Bitters, Pond’s Kidney and Liver Bitters, Paines Celery Compound, Pluto Water, Indian River (Lexington) bottle, quart Julian Kessler Paris, Kentucky bottle, Haynes Whiskey Distillery – Troy, Ohio, Travis Pasteurized Dairy Products – Cynthiana, KY.

Soda bottles:  Pluto Water; Lexington, KY – Indian River, Dixie Quality Sodas, Orange Crush, Lexington Syrup & Beverage Co., Lex. Brg. Co, Lexington Brg. Co., Lex. Br’g Co., SherACola, Blue Grass Bottling Co., My:Cola-Co amber, Club Cola amber, Lexington Drug Co., Crystal Bottling Co., Cee-Cee Brand, Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola; Louisville – Schanzenbacher Mineral Water, Epps-Kola, Citr-Cola, Parfay; Danville – C.C. Soda; Paris – Paris Bottling Co., Paris Bottling Works, Grapette; Carlisle Bottling Works; Covington – L. Fritz M. & S.W. Co.; Richmond – Nu-Icy, Sund Crest; Irvine & Ravenna – Nu-Grape; Maysville – Hendrickson Soda Water; Lebanon – amber Lebanon Bottling Works; Frankfort – Frankfort Ice Co., amber Coleman & McKeever, amber Capital Bottling Works, amber Eagle Bottling Co.; Newport – Newport Mineral Water Co.; E’Town – Purity – Orange Crush Bottling Works; Corbin – Dr. Pepper, Cumberland Valley Beverage; Jackson – Upper 10; Jeffersonville, Ind. – Jeff-Kola; Columbus, Ohio – Wyandotte; Cincinnati – Soda, W.T. Wagner’s Sons, Jung; Cairo, Ill – Chero-Cola; Johnson City, Tenn – Unaka Bottling Works; J.D. Brown Gravenhurst Spring Water; Knoxville, Tenn – The Red Rock Co.; Ohio – Fargo Mineral Springs Co.; Eastland, Texas – Purity Mfg. & Bottling Company; Evansville, Ind. – Vogel; New York – Crystal Springs Water Company; Canada Dry Ginger Ale soda gold carnival bottle; Country Club milk glass bottle.

Nascar and Replica Cars:  Racing Champions 1:24 scale 50th Anniversary die cast replicas; Racing Champions 1993 Edition 330 Johnny Benson; Racing Champions Chase The Race Collector Series 10 Johnny Benson; Action 1:24 scale Dale Earnhardt 1956 Ford Victoria; Revell 1: 24 die cast replicas; John Deere MotorSports and McDonald’s Racing Team replicas; 1994-95 Racing Champion die cast stock car replicas including remakes; Ertl American Muscle 1:18 scale Kellogg’s Monte Carlo #5, Terry Labonte; Hess 1998-2007 boxed vehicle sets (no 2001); Gearbox 1930′s Coca-Cola Bottling truck; 1998-99 BP trucks; Revell 1:18 #2 Miller Lite die cast replica; 1930 International wrecker; 1952 four-Car Carrier; Hobbytown 1:18 replicas; Cadillac, Belair, Chevrolet Nomad, Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt and Ertl Thoroughbred wagon replicas; Nascar plastic models.

Fenton:  Nativity scene fairy lamps, Valentine’s Day bonbons, bells including a musical bear bell, basket and fairy lamp with log cabin landscape, County Christmas and Christmas Fantasy fairy lamps, L.G. Wright blue satin overlay pieces, bells and vase with Old Mill decoration, blue Burmese covered dish, Sunset temple jar.  Imperial Colonial Lady bells, Westmoreland cameo bells.

Candy containers including Victory Glass lantern, Jeanette Glass Co. train, Scotty dogs, sedan, 3-valve horn, JR 22 gun, Occupied Japan figurines, KY Derby glasses (60′s-70′s-80′s), banks, carbide lamps, miniature flat irons, razors, new Skilsaw table saw, Central Machinery grinder and drill press, milk bottles, political buttons, early model cars in boxes, Beam bottles, box lots and much more.

IMG_8493 IMG_8494 IMG_8495 IMG_8496 IMG_8497 IMG_8498 IMG_8499 IMG_8500 IMG_8501 IMG_8502 IMG_8503 IMG_8504 IMG_8505 IMG_8506 IMG_8507 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8599 IMG_8600 IMG_8601 IMG_8078 IMG_8079 IMG_8080 IMG_8081 IMG_8082 IMG_8083 IMG_8664 IMG_8665 IMG_8700 IMG_8701 IMG_8702 IMG_8703 IMG_8704 IMG_8705 IMG_8744 IMG_8745 IMG_8746 IMG_8714 IMG_8751 IMG_8783 IMG_8784 IMG_8785 IMG_8786 IMG_8787

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