October 30-31 November 1 – Antiques and Collectibles Auction

Three Session Auction

Friday Evening, October 30 – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, October 31 – 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, November 1 – 2:00 p.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road   Carlisle, KY

Great selection of quality Estate household furnishings including cherry corner cupboard, cherry poster beroom suit with bed, chest and night stand, upholstered sofa and chair with ottoman, good wing back and other chairs, cherry finish lyre base marble top tables, cherry drop leaf coffee table, cherry drop leaf gate leg dining tables, cherry lift top slant top desk, reproduction Victorian arm and slipper chair, mahogany secretary bookcase, fine mahogany silver chest, tea carts, cherry cannonball and maple twin bedroom suites, Duncan Phyfe style sofa, contemporary bar and stools, round end tables, mid-century modern chairs, patio table and chairs, other patio furniture, Cherry sugar/blanket chest with dovetailed case and banded top – no divider, Walnut corner cupboards, walnut sideboard, walnut knockdown wardrobe and matching bed, walnut marble top stand and coffee tables, 2 pc. primitive step back cupboards, primitive painted slatted cupboard, fine mixed wood 12-tin pie safe, oak S-roll top desk, oak flat top desk, Wicker sets, fine square oak dining table with 6 chairs and rack of leaves, fine oak carved back sideboard, oak library table, oak chest, Victorian walnut parlor set, Victorian parlor set with Dog arm terminations, Empire settee, dining tables in maple – walnut – cherry, oak drop front desk, mahogany game table, mixed wood stand tables, early pine cradle, cherry lift top desk with gallery, oak and poplar wash stands, walnut Clarks 4 drawer spool cabinet on frame, trestle table, ornate brass bed, cherry cannonball rope bed, good chairs including a carved back oak music chair, Empire sofa, Gorham “Rondo” sterling silver 66 pc. flatware set including carving set and other serving pcs., Reed & Barton sterling silver coffee & tea service with plated tray, R. Wallace “Kings” pattern plated flatware (128 pcs.), Rogers Bros. “Springtime” plated flatware service for 8, sterling candleabra, Gorham reticulated bowl, S. Kirk & Son julep cup, other sterling.  Jewelry including 18″ strand of pearls with 14K clasp, 14K yellow gold bracelets, 10K yellow gold bracelet with diamonds and aquamarine, 14K hummingbird pin, 18K man’s wedding band, wide 20″ 14K Italy Herringbone necklace (.745 toz.), 24 1/2″ 14K chain, 10K cameo locket, 10K 1946 class ring, good costume jewelry.  Lowenthal’s full length fur coat, fur sweater/jacket, good selection of oriental rugs, Paintings and prints, including signed C.W. Vittitow Old Kentucky Home, Wildcat print, Paul Sawyier, large selection of Fostoria America, numerous sets of china, Candlewick, other good crystal, hand painted porcelains including Nippon, chocolate sets, fine inlaid hod, mantle clocks, large selection of quality lamps including Peanut in 5 sizes, clear Drape, finger lamps, banquet lamps, ruby flashed banquet lamp, brass lamps of different forms, selection of candle lamps with bobeches, good floor lamps, large selection of perfume bottles, wooden dough bowls, tables full of good silver plate serving pieces, silver plated julep cups, good crystal serving pieces, cup and saucer sets, cranberry glassware, vaseline opalescent cream and sugar, selection of linens, good selection of clean hand sewn quilts, lots of Corning ware, Bybee pottery in solid and mottled colors, Star of David glassware including pitchers, candle sticks, vases, egg/relish dish, punch bowl, lamps, syrup and more, Nascar collectibles, Sports Illustrated covers, Framed collection of 22 Case XX stag handle knives including a Bull Dog folding Hunter; (5) various hunting knives from 6 3/8″ to 10 1/4″; (1) lock back; (6) 3-blade; (2) 4-blade; (7) 2-blade; Case XX 10 dot stag handle 14 2/5″ 1836 Hunter with etched blade (#1183), Case’s Kentucky Bi-Centennial 3 knife set, Case XX Appaloosa 2 dot 2-blade #A6220, Case No. W165 SAB SSP “Moby Dick” Folding Hunter with Scrimshaw Natural Bone Handle, Case XX stag handle “The American Spirit” Folding Hunter in box 1976 Case Bicentennial Pocket Knife, Case XX stag handle Founders Knife with etched blade 5143 SSP (#00522), Case XX stainless boxed set of (8) knives.  Reproduction copper minnow bucket, NordicTrack PowerTread Plus treadmill, fine sets of china, silver plate flatware sets, great grouping of glassware – perfect for entertaining!, craft supplies, Coca Cola sign from old Coatney’s Gas, and much more.  Oriental rugs:  Turkish Indo oushak 8′ x 10′, Persian Kashan 8’6″ X 12’2″, Persian Sabsaver 3′ X 12′ runner, Afghani Yamud 4′ X 6′, Afghani Mazar Sharif 2’9″ X 4’8″, Afghani Soumahk 2’1″ X 9′ runner, Afghani Kelim 2’4″ X 9’3″, French Indo Aubusson 8’10″ X 12′, Old Moroccan Berber 2’8″ X 4′, Persian Indo Sarabend 3’4″ X 6’9″, Persian Indo Agra 8′ x 10′, Persian Oushak 8′ X 10′.  Still unpacking!  `100′s of quality box lots!!  Time to fill your booth for the Holiday season!!  Friday Evening:  Corningware, household furnishings including some lighting, comforters and linens, Star of David glassware, cup and saucer sets, Nascar and sports related memorabilia including Bengals 1988 Super Bowl items, Boomer Esiason #7 MacGregor Sand Knit jersey, new WileyX performance eyewear, Breitling Chronographe watch, Polo watch, 125 Years Valvoline pin, other Valvoline pins, Indy 500 programs, 1990 Chicago Cubs All-Star Game bear, Sports Illustrated covers, Ohio State gloves, Jay Tibbs and Billy Ripkin signed Baltimore Orioles Home Team Sports hat, baskets, Unicorn collection, Hummel figurines, Case XX pocket knife collection, Boyd’s Bears, Longaberger baskets, patio furniture, treadmill, Auctioneer’s choice of: fine silver plate and crystal, qulaity lamps, quilts, perfume bottles, Bybee pottery, prints, box lots, etc.  Saturday:  Jewelry, furs, Antique and household furniture, paintings, oriental rugs, Auctioneer’s choice of: fine silver plate and crystal, quality lamps, quilts, perfume bottles, Bybee pottery, box lots, etc.  Sunday Afternoon:  Remaining items including lots of box lots, fine silver plate and crystal, quality lamps, quilts, perfume bottles, Bybee pottery, box lots, etc., and much more.  Watch for updates.

Terms:  Cash or check with proper ID.  Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% Buyer’s Premium added on all sales.

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