November 10-12-13, 2016 Auctions


Thursday, Nov. 10 – 6:00 p.m.  Saturday, Nov. 12 – 10:00 a.m.      Sunday, Nov. 13 – 1:00 p.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Including items from those discontinuing housekeeping, from local and area estates including the Mary Opal Jones estate, individuals, and others.

THURSDAY:  Cherry finish bedroom suite (4-piece, with poster bed), oak finish bedroom suite with wardrobe, headboard, dresser and night stand, 3 pc. blond bedroom suite, 3 pc. 30′s walnut bedroom suite, wardrobe, maple coffee and end tables, school desks, hotel furnishings, new French country chest, Crocodile lacquer finish tables, coffee and side tables, pub tables, painted and other sofa tables, table lamps, and more.  Belleek annual plates, Occupied Japan figurines, Fiesta, various prints and pictures, crank sheep shears, early mitre box, fishing poles, tool boxes with tools, other hand tools, 8-section set of scaffolding, windows, box lots of record albums, household goods, cookware, and misc. items, Christmas items including wreaths, lights and garland, hard-back books, lots of CD’s, KY Derby glasses, Central KY Steam & Gas Engine Association Annual Reunion pins (3rd (1973), 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 21st shows), 1978 plaque from Dura Corporation, 1776-1976 Sisters of the Swish/Brothers of the Brush Paris, Bourbon County, KY pins, 10k yellow gold bracelets, golfer statues, golf clubs, advertising items including fans (Rogers General Store, Sharpsburg, Richardson-Dicken Funeral Home – Owingsville, W. Powell & Son Funeral Home – Salt Lick, Mitchell Funeral Home – Mt. Sterling, Shrout, Piper and Shrout – Owingsville), bed clothes, electric blankets, Kentucky Derby glasses, tobacco splitters, carbide lamp, horse hames, lanterns, brass scales, graniteware, mid-century modern lighting, Blue Lick bottles, pocket knives, iron items, Light house figures, ship models, BOX LOTS OF TOOLS, HOUSEHOLD, LINENS, QUILTING MATERIAL, portable heaters, and more.

SATURDAY:  Art:  Paper composition titled “The New Moon” by Masayoshi Kasugai, oil on canvas titles “Early Mist on the Yangtze” by Carlin Monohan, J.T. Johnson studies of people, Don Eugene Sebastian drawing of a man, Charles Carbull drawings, Elaine Libby work titled “White Sparkle”, Howard Ireland mill scene, water color of sycamore trees by a stream, windmill water color, Dechess watercolor of a WWII fighting ship, watercolor of a native man on a boat, Old Fish Houses – Providence, Mass. water color by E. Oliver, Lisa Runger watercolor of a man in a boat, woodland scene, Shepherd water color of a stone bridge, Gene Gray “Kentucky Kats”, other art.

Great collection of over 100 Longaberger baskets from a former dealer who retired in 1994, with lots of Limited Edition and Specialty baskets, and many from the 1980′s – most in original boxes, also, with additional baskets including 1993 Inaugural with liner and insert, Christmas Collection 2001 Shining Star with insert, other 90′s baskets.  Watch for final inventory and photos.

Porcelain and bisque dolls including Duchess Germany, S&H 1160 2/0 bisque head, German bisque head, AM Dep 3/0 bisque head, Armand Marsailles bisque head, large German bisque head with jointed kid body, Wind-up toy clown, large selection of Hot Wheels in bubble packs, collection of sterling, advertising and other thimbles, Ansonia shelf and mantle clocks, Seth Thomas shelf clock with reverse painted table, Ansonia oak kitchen clock, Oak mission wall clock, Oak Regulator wall clock, brass and glass LeCoultre Atmos clock presented to “James H. Smith 1968 25 Years of Loyal Service National Distillers And Chemical Corporation” (National sold the “Spirits” division to the Jim Beam Distilling Company in 1987), crystal, depression glass, and more.

Wicker chaise lounge, inlaid mixed wood knockdown wardrobe, fine carved oak mantle without mirror, lift top mule chest, Globe-Wernicke 3-stack bookcase, marble top washstand, oak kitchen cabinet (loose door, missing rolls), oak kitchen cupboard, oak Murphy bed with carved Minerva head, carved oak buffet with mirrored back, unique wagon wheel and horse hame table, oak sewing machine cabinet cut down to coffee table with partial marble top added, drop leaf dining table, Mission oak chair, oak stand table, painted folding rocker, Chippendale sofa, reproduction Victorian arm chair, oak Victrola, kitchen cabinet base, 4 pc. natural wicker parlor set, mahogany carved back Duncan Phyfe sofa, 3 pc. blond bedroom suite, wardrobe, oak treadle sewing machines and more.

SUNDAY:  More Longaberger baskets!  Beginning at #124 – App. 125 Limited Edition and Specialty baskets in many sizes and styles fro the large collection of a former dealer.  Additional baskets not sold on Saturday from the initial 125 lot inventory will also be sold. Longaberger Hostess Collection Pottery including dinner ware, platter, pie plate, cookie jar, pitchers, tea pots, mixing bowls, 2 Qt. casserole, oval serving dish, flower pots, cookie molds, commemorative Christmas ornament sets, and more. Stein collection, good shop tools including Craftsman jointer/planer, bench grinder, Craftsman – Milwaukee & Porter Cable saws, Craftsman router kit, good clamps, Craftsman sanders, Bosch router, router and table, air compressor, Sears bench grinder, Leigh Dovetail jig, telescope, Craftsman hand planer, Reciprocating saw, mole trap, Porter Cable rotary sander,  torch, hammer drill, Delta belt sander, Delta scroll saw, Johnson 2 h.p. boat motor, cordless drills, reloading tools, clamps, planes, gauges, Dremel tool, Craftsman auto scroll saw, shop supplies, and more.

(2) Sony PlayStation 2 gaming systems, Sega Genesis system (2), Intellevision systems (2 – one in box), Sega Genesis games (9), Play Station games (20), Play Station 2 games (60 +/-), Play Station 2 memory cards, Mattel Classic Football hand held game, Playskool Radio/cassette player, (2) Texas Instrument Speak & Math sets, Guitar Hero 2, household items, new chests, coffee and end tables, side tables, console tables, cherry corner cupboard with open top, Chippendale sofa, Berea College made cherry dining table and chairs, painted French chest, painted console tables, sofa and end tables, pub tables, Crocodile lacquer finish tables, Berea College accessories, blond bedroom suite, and more.  An estate from Estill County yet to be unpacked.  Including Paul Sawyier and other framed prints, framed Victorian postcards, yard long print of a Victorian lady by Alfred Everett Orr, Bessie Pease Gutmann “Butterfly”, Paul Sawyier “Going to the Spring”, Maurice Sendak signed and illustrated 2 vol. set “The Juniper Tree”, covered compotes, large covered cake stand, large covered fruit bowl, Blue Willow platters, ironstone pitchers, Nippon pedestal cake stand, blue and white Eagle pitcher, iron candy mold, “Sidney” #6 skillet, crocks, churn, Aide Gonzalez mid-western decorated bowl, L&N Railroad lantern, miniature lamps, lots of box games, prints, and much more.  Check back Friday evening for additional details.

Terms:  Cash or check with proper ID, Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% Buyer’s Premium.

Longaberger Basket Inventory

  1. 2001 Christmas Collection Green Shining Star with liner, choice of 3
  2. 1993 Inaugural with liner and insert
  3. 1993 Christmas Collection Bayberry
  4. 1992 Covered with multi-color weaving
  5. 1995 tall with multi-color weaving
  6. 1999 medium with liner and insert
  7. 1991 oblong with multi-color weaving
  8. 1992 Shocks of Autumn Bittersweet with liner and insert
  9. 1990 waste with liner, multi-color weaving, 1800 OBRS
  10. 1989 magazine with multi-color weaving
  11. 1990 harvest, 2500 CGRS
  12. 1991 Purse with pink, with liner and insert, 800 EPS
  13. 1990 small covered purse with green, 13000 HGS
  14. 1991 small covered box-type, 45000 JHS, natural
  15. 1989 round with multi-color weaving, 5400 ABRS
  16. 1987 square with multi-color weaving
  17. 1983 square Cake, natural
  18. 1985 Harvest, natural
  19. 1992 JW Collection Cake in original box
  20. 1987 low with insert in green
  21. 1987 bread with strap handles, 4700 J, natural
  22. 1988 covered apple (?) with multi-color weaving, 200 YRGS
  23. 1988 Christmas Collection Poinsettia, red or green, choice
  24. 1985 Picnic with liner, natural
  25. 1984 Harvest (?) with multi-color weaving
  26. 1984 pie carrier with decorated top “Bless This House”
  27. 1986 hamper
  28. 1987 oval bread with insert, natural
  29. 1991 Basket-O-Luck, green
  30. 1990 Heartland Collection, green
  31. 1997 Recipe with lid and multi-color weaving
  32. 1993 All-Star with multi-color weaving and insert
  33. 1985 Christmas Collection Cookie, green
  34. 1984 Holly, red
  35. 1988 Christmas Collection Poinsettia, red
  36. 1988 rectangular, 3600-B, natural
  37. 1989 Inaugural with multi-color weaving
  38. 1995 Easter with multi-color weaving
  39. 1988 tall rectangular with multi-color weaving
  40. 1988 Easter round, blue
  41. 1990 “Basket Bee” with multi-color weaving, 3900 ACPST
  42. 1990 rectangular with multi-color weaving, 900 ATMS
  43. 1988 pie carrier with stand and multi-color weaving
  44. 1983 medium tall, natural
  45. 1983 hanging, natural
  46. 1986 hanging, blue
  47. 1985 Corn, natural
  48. 1991 Crisco American Pie Celebration with multi-color weaving
  49. 1989 Inaugural with multi-color weaving, 3800 ABRST
  50. 1992 Discovery, with liner, choice of 2
  51. 1990 small with maroon weaving, 14000 BVS
  52. 1990 Gingerbread, green
  53. 1990 covered small box-type, green
  54. 1988 Mother’s Day, pink, 700 APS
  55. 1992 Crisco American Cookie Celebration
  56. Illegible date flare with lid
  57. 1987 JW Collection Bread and Milk, blue
  58. 1992 Easter oval with multi-color weaving
  59. 1988 Christmas Collection Poinsettia, green
  60. 1991 small rectangular with multi-color weaving
  61. 1990 JW Collection Berry, in original box
  62. 1990 covered, natural
  63. 1992 JW Collection Cake, blue, in original box
  64. 1983 oak 2-door cupboard
  65. 1985 JS Collection Apple, blue
  66. 1980 hamper, natural
  67. 1980 umbrella (?), natural
  68. 1991 tall oval with liner
  69. 1988 medium oval with blue, with book “The Longaberger Story”
  70. 1994 with deep pink weaving
  71. 1988 JW Collection Gathering
  72. 1989 round Easter (?) with multi-color weaving, 54000 ABRS
  73. Illegible date rectangular medium with multi-color weaving, 600 ARGS
  74. 1990 Heartland Getaway, blue
  75. 1988 Heartland Collection hanging, blue
  76. 1992 Mother’s Day with liner and insert, pink
  77. 1992 Discovery with line, choice of 2
  78. 1986 JW Collection Two-Pie, blue
  79. 1987 rectangular with multi-color weaving, 2300 JGRS
  80. 1987 JW Collection Bread and Milk, blue
  81. 1989 JW Collection Banker’s Waste in original box
  82. Single door cupboard in original box
  83. 1988 medium rectangular Easter, green
  84. 1988 small rectangular Easter, green
  85. 1988 medium rectangular Easter, purple
  86. 1991 small rectangular Easter with multi-color weaving, 700 ATMN
  87. 1991 large rectangular Easter with multi-color weaving, 900 ATMN
  88. 1988 large rectangular Easter, pink
  89. 1988 large rectangular Easter, blue
  90. 1992 medium Easter, blue, with liner
  91. 1993 Mother’s Day, natural with liner
  92. 1988 JW Collection Gathering, blue
  93. 1987 JW Collection Bread and Milk, blue
  94. 1987 Picnic with multi-color weaving, 300 HBRS
  95. 1995 All-American Carry Along with liner and insert
  96. 1993 All-Star with liner and insert
  97. 1900 Basket-O-Luck, green
  98. 1990 Rosemary, natural
  99. 1991 square,  with multi-color weaving

100.1984 footed ferner

101.1991 small square, with pink

102.1990 small oval, with pink, 33000 JPS

103.1988 Heartland, blue, 3800ABS

104.1987 Bread, natural

105.1985 Christmas Collection Cookie, red

106.1989 Banana, 5100-C, natural

107.1986 Picnic, natural, 600-C

108.1986 large market

109.Early stand

110.1986 footed planter with insert, 2900-R

111.1982 Bread with liner

112.1988 rectangular medium with multi-color weaving, 600 ARGS

113.1992 Christmas Collection Season’s Greetings, green

114.1987 Mistletoe, green or red, choice

115.1993 May Series Lily of the Valley with liner and insert

116.1987 Bread, natural, 4700 J

117.1985 Christmas Collection Cookie, green or red, choice

118.1987 Christmas Collection Mistletoe, green or red, 200 YDS, choice

119.1985 cradle with liner

120.Shelf by W.C. Mock family

121.1986 Christmas Collection Candy Cane, red

122.1989 Christmas Collection Holiday Memory, green

123.1983 Purse, natural

124.1984 JW Collection Waste, Series 20084, blue

125.1986 JW Collection Two-Pie, blue

126.1992 Discovery with liner, choice

127.1989 Inaugural with multi-color weaving

128.1990 Small square with purple

129.1988 Pie with shelf and multi-color weaving

130.1990 square purse, green

131.1990 Christmas Collection Gingerbread, maroon

132.1989 Apple with multi-color weaving

133.1986 tall waste, natural

134.1985 Cake with painted lid

135.1987 JW Collection Bread and Milk, blue

136.1992 Crisco American Cookie Celebration, multi-color, with painted lid

137.1992 Easter with multi-color weaving and liner

138.1988 Christmas Collection Poinsettia, red

139.One door cupboard

140.1988 JW Collection Gathering, blue

141.1988 Mother’s Day with liner, natural

142.1988 square covered, natural

143.1990 Apple canister set

144.1987 JW Collection Bread and Milk, blue

145.1987 All-American picnic with multi-color weaving

146.2002 Muffin with liner and insert

147.1993 Crisco American Baking with multi-color weaving

148.1987 Bread, natural

149.1989 Inaugural with multi-color weaving, choice

150.1984 hamper, red

151.1988 Laundry with insert with multi-color weaving, 2600 ORGS

152.1993 All-American Liberty with insert, multi-color weaving

153.1999 All-American Blue Ribbon bread with liner and insert, multi-color weaving

154.1986 rectangular multi-color, signed by Dave Longaberger

155.1987 Picnic with multi-color weaving

156.1992 Mother’s Day with liner and insert, pink

157.1988 covered square with multi-color weaving

158.1989 round Quilting with multi-color weaving

159.1989 Christmas Collection Holiday Memory

160.1993 mail with liner and insert and multi-color weaving

161.1990 slanted with multi-color weaving, 5000 CGU BS

162.1988 heartland, blue

163.1986 Christmas Collection Candy Cane, green, choice of 2

164.1991 Shades of Autumn Acorn with multi-color weaving

165.1994 Stained Easter with color accent weaving

166.1995 Shades of Autumn Basket of Plenty with insert and tie on

167.1989 Gathering with multi-color weaving, 2400 AGRS

168.1992 Christmas Collection Season’s Greeting, maroon

169.1991 square with liner, 1300 JCVS

170.2001 All-American Strawberry with liner, multi-color

171.1983 Apple, natural

172.1992 rectangular small, green, with liner

173.1987 hamper

174.1993 Crisco American Baking Celebration bread with insert and multi-color weaving

175.1987 bread, natural

176.1988 Market with multi-color weaving

177.1990 Market with divider and liner, multi-color weaving

178.1994 Sweetheart Geat-A-Way, red

179.1986 JW Collection Two-Pie, blue

180.1987 JW Collection Bread and Milk, blue

181.1987 bread, natural

182.1993 Bee Making It Happen Together, natural, with insert

183.1990 Christmas Collection Gingerbread, red

184.1992 Discovery with liner, choice of 2

185.1990 Rare Carpenter’s box that can be used and a silverware/napkin caddy.  One of Longaberger’s first wooden products.

186.1991 small multi-color, 700 ATMS

187.1988 small berry, natural

188.1988 rectangular bread, natural, 3500-B

189.1988 square berry, natural, 1500-A

190.1984 medium purse, natural

191.1988 Basket Bee, purple

192.1991 Easter, multi-color

193.1993 All-Star with liner and insert, small

194.1989 round multi-color with liner

195.1987 round, 3800 ABS, blue

196.1993 Sweetheart, pink

197.Insert pottery

198.1985 tall round, natural

199.1988 Heartland, blue

200.1993 Inaugural, multi-color

201.1991 Small berry, pink

202.1992Discovery with liner, natural

203.1988 Heartland Collection

204.1987 Christmas Collection Mistletoe, red and green, choice

205.1980 natural

206.1983 natural

207.1990 Keepsake (3), choice

208.1987 square berry, multi-color, 1400 ABRS

209.1900 Small strawberry with liner, pink, choice of 2

210.1990-91 small square, natural, 13100 JOS

211.1992 Discovery, natural

212.1989 purse, natural

213.1988 square bread, natural, 3500-A

214.1990 Berry, natural

215.1987-88 small with navy, choice of 2

216.1988 small, natural, 45000 A, choice of 3

217.1991 Rosemary, natural, 45000 JOS

218.1979 2-handle, natural

219.1987 small, natural

220.1988 rectangular medium, pink, 900 APS

221.1990 square berry with insert, natural

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Sunday Baskets

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