November 1 Antiques, Advertising, Toys and Estate Auction


Saturday, November 1  10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Good selection of advertising including signs, clocks, Wiedemann neon sign, thermometers, local calendars, selection of serving trays, large chargers, display racks, coolers and more.  Also, large collection of good Structo, Marx, Tonka and Model pressed steel toys, Hop-a-long Cassidy items, pedal cars, lunch boxes, good estate household furniture including mahogany and cherry dining room suites, area and room size oriental rugs, framed prints, glassware and china, Fenton lamps, hand sewn quilts and more.

Great selection of advertising:  Signs: Old Dutch Cleanser porcelain 22″ X 32″; framed Falls City Beer trolly; tin Cheterfield Cigarettes 23 1/2″ X 29 1/4″; tin Smoke Viceroy; 30″ Lions International; Black Draught Liniment; framed Old Sunny Brook Brand Whiskey – World’s Largest Selling Kentucky whiskey T2-52; tin Viceroy – Smoother, 1954; Viceroy store hours; Lakewood Pale Ale cardboard bottle; Blatz Special menu board; Omar Turkish Blend Cigarettes; Smoot Advertising Co. porcelain; Pabst Blue Ribbon menu board; Bartels Porter Splits; Falls City Belle of Louisville plaque; Nehi cardboard; framed Free Flowing Traffic Motor Oil poster; Marlboro, Parliament and Philip Morris tin packs.  Clocks:  1951 Burger Beer; Spring Grove Dairy Products (Morehead, KY). Neon Sign:  Wiedemann with Wiedemann ballast – working.  Thermometers:  Mail Pouch 38 1/2″, National Carpet Cleaning with Parrish scene; John Merringer Plumbing & Heating Paris, KY; Coca-Cola bottles; Nu-Grape; Royal Crown Cola; Indianapolis glove Company wooden; Hession Roofs wooden; Miss Ohio Home Pride Flour wooden; Kent Cigarettes; American Cup Coffee wood; Royal Crown Cola RC; Globe Fertilizer wood; Thomas J. Chilcote General Insurance wood; Royal Crown mirror; 1996 Red Kamel; Clark Bar wood.  Calendars:  Hagars Garage & Salvage Co. Lexington 1969 pin-up; Faywood Grocery Versailles Warren and Novella Carter 1962 framed.  Trays:  Satin; Louis F. Neuwiler’s Sons Allentown, Pa Cream Ale, Pilsner Beer, Porter; Glenmore Distilleries; Rupp Beer & Ale; Miller High Life (2); Budweiser Girl; Pabst Blue Ribbon; Miller High Life 100 Years in America 1855-1955; Lite Beer; Spire Electric Hummelstown, Pa.; J. F. Hirschberger For Good Shoes, Finlay, O. oval tray with young girl – No. 20; similar tray No. 1 with young woman; Oertel’s ’92 tray; 1950-52 Coca-Cola tray; Boot Hill; Olympia Beer; Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co.; Blatz Beer; Knickerbocker Beer; Schaefer beer; Schlitz Beer; Schmidts beer; Brucks Beer.  Miscellaneous:  24″ Falstaff tin charger; Bartels Beer 18 1/4″ charger; Independent Safety Match display box with matches; Lexington Brewery 1 gal. jug; Blue Licks State Park banner; Central Pacific RR chamber pot; Imperial Whiskey throne chair; 1969 Burger Beer banner; Red Ball Shoes 50 Year Sales award to Bennett’s Dept., Williamstown, KY; Royal Crown Cola cooler cap; PepsiCola double dot barrell; Pleasure Chest cooler; glove form; Oertel’s ’92 wrestling poster with Lou Thesz; Kool Cigarettes display; Stadler’s 50 lb. lard tin; unusual NuGrape Soda framed mirror; Dr. Pepper cooler; Vans Boot Saver rack; Burger Beer driver’s patch; Old Grand Dad bust; Montag’s Blue Horse rack, Fehrs & Oertle cone top beer cans, Kentucky Gentleman 1/2 gallon jar, Diamond Cracker crate, Arbuckles Coffee box, Coca-Cola syrup jug, Oertels beer keg, 1949 50th Anniversary gold dipped Coca-Cola bottles (Lexington and Middlesboro), Twin Oaks humidor, 1979 Salem tin signs, 1980 Winston tin signs, International 140 owner’s manual, campaign buttons including Goldwater, Rockefeller, Humphries, Johnson, Glenn, Nixon, Taft, Landon Knox, railroad buttons.

Toys:  Structo Hydraulically Operated dump truck, Structo Toys State Hi-Way Dept. truck, Marx Lumar Contractors dump truck, Buddy L Freight Delivery truck, Buddy L Zoo truck, tonka Toys dump truck, Structo Toys barrell truck, Coca-Cola Bottling delivery truck, Marx Mot Market Delivery truck, Buddy L Sand & Stone dump truck, tonka Toys Hydraulic Dump truck, Nylint camper on Ford truck, Buddy L U.S. Mail truck, Ertl Vista Dome Horse van, Marx battery operated Reversible tractor, Structo SFD ladder truck, iron and metal horse drawn ladder wagon, cast iron horse drawn pumper, Buddy L Hydraulic Heavy Hauling Dumper, Structo Steel Cargo Company hauler, Marx Lumar Contruction Dump truck, Structo Ready-Mix Concrete truck, Tonka Toys Sandloader, Nylint Payloader, Model toys Heiliner pan, Taiyo Made in Japan battery operated U.S. Army tank, Model Toys American La-France Rossmoyne ladder truck, Nylint toys Adams Traveloader, Nylint Toys Road Grader, tonka tractor, Nylint Tournarocker, Mighty Tonka T-9 dozer, Structo Farms horse trailor, Nylint horse trailors.

Antique oak ice box, McMahan cherry corner cupboard, drop leaf dining table, 6 chairs, and sideboard, Mahogany dining room suite with table with 2 leaves, 6 chairs, 2 pc. lighted china cabinet, King/Queen adjustable rice carved mahogany poster bed, walnut chest, cherry dresser with mirror, reproduction Victorian sofa, reproduction marble top stands, pairs of good wing back chairs, apothecary cabinet, round oak dining table cut down to coffee table, vintage living room suites, Kenmore side-by-side refrigerator/freezer, oak curved glass china cabinet ready for finish with new glasses, etc., oak beds, square oak dining table, oak sideboard top, oak fainting bench, cherry finish desk, rattan settee and chair, swivel chairs, settee, heated recliner, nice selection of Oriental rugs from a Lexington home, Wilcox & Gibbs early sewing machine, good Fenton honey amber table lamp, other Fenton lamps, brass table lamps, good kitchen glassware, costume jewelry, brass hanging lamp with red glass inserts, good iron items including Portsmouth, OH spider pot, hay trolly, box iron with fluter, unusual curd breaker, Black Hawk sheller, good selection of hand sewn quilts and crazy quilt, stone jars and jugs up to 10 gallons, good small safe with combination, fresh water pearls and much more.

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