Annual New Year’s Day Antiques Auction

Thursday, January 1  10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Great selection expected including a collection of water colors by Kentucky artist Robert Burns Wilson, Elijah Warner Lexington, KY cherry tall case clock with German works and rare hood/dial door, outstanding cherry chest on chest with scroll top, short bandy legs, pierced spiral return columns and spiral and dentil carvings on the base and top, and pin wheel carving on the upper center drawer (c. 1780-1790 - pictured as Item 120 in “Three Centuries of Connecticut Furniture, 1635-1935″ and on a post card from the Exhibition held at Morgan Memorial, Hartford, Conn. June 15 – October 15, 1935.  Both the catalogue and postcard are included with the lot.)  Early shelf clocks, good Americana including an exceptional crazy quilt (dated 1913), an early KY coverlet marked “Made by D. Cosley 1861″, and an early double portrait of a mother and child, fine KY cherry dovetailed sugar chest on frame with single drawer and triple divided interior, fine walnut knockdown wardrobe, early 78 1/4″ Kentucky cherry corner cupboard with 12-pane doors, rare Bourbon County, KY bird’s eye maple sleigh form day bed, tiger maple 4-drawer chest, maple poster beds, inlaid cherry 4-drawer chest with urn and geometric vine inlays, walnut and cherry candle stands, early Fayette County painted school master’s poplar desk, cherry 4-drawer chest with maple inlay, inlaid Cherry drop front desk, walnut sugar chest with divider, walnut secretary bookcase, fine tiger maple rope bed, Chippendale sofa, Berkey & Gay hutch with turned half columns, walnut jelly cupboard, pine 2-pc. stepback cupboard, mahogany china cabinet/bookcase, Empire mahogany secretary bookcase, primitive pine 2 pc. step back cupboard, pine step back cupboard, cherry server, large cherry corner cupboard with reeded returns and dental molding, Hepplewhite cherry chest, mahogany and mixed wood Pembroke tables with single drawer, mahogany hanging corner cupboard, mahogany cheval/dressing mirror on stand, mahogany shaving mirror, fine early poplar dry sink, Norwegian/Indonesian rolling blanket chest on frame with carved and painted side panels, fine mahogany one drawer wash stand with drawer marked W.E.H. with presentation information and dated 1821 under drawer, grain painted partner’s desk, mixed wood pie safe, metal and vinyl patio contemporary table and chairs, mahogany china cabinet, Japanese 2 and 6 panel coramandel screens, gold and silver pocket watches (Waltham, Elgin, Illinois, Columbus Watch Co., Hampden, National Watch Co. coin silver key wind pocket watch with Hale & West Lebanon P works), jade figurines, Lladro porcelain, cut glass water pitcher, hanging lamps, fine stoneware including a fine 20 gallon decorated jar (Hamilton & Jones), 8 gallon A. Conrad New Geneva stone jar, A. P. Donagho jar, A. T. Akin Co. Wholesale Liquor Dealers, Jackson, Tenn. 2 gallon jug, Longwood Plantation’s Pure Cane Syrup jug with mammy, 3 gallon ovoid jar with cobalt decoration, miniature jugs, Staffordshire dogs, large platters, Rookwood including Jens Jensen 1949 floral vase and Colonial lady bookends, Moorcroft Moonlit Blue 7 1/8″ vase, fine pair of tall etched hurricane shades, outstanding selection of early coin silver including an exceptional Blanchard rectangular pill/snuff box, Kinsey KY State Agricultrual Society Premium 1856 chalice, J. Kitts (Louisville) KY State Agricultural Premium 1857 beaker, S. P. Bailey Indianapolis F.C.A.S Premium beaker, Poindexter and Garner & Winchester (Lexington) beaker, John B. Akin (Danville) beakers, Kendrick beaker and 12 3/4″ ladle, ornate coin silver sugar basket and tall creamer with rope border engraved “Owings”, KY spoons (R.F. Adair, J. Best Co., B.B. Marsh, McCowat, G.W. Stewart, T.J. Shepard, S. Ayres, B.F. Meek, Bascom, J. F. Robinson, T.G. Calvert), Mark Scearce JFK Presidential julep cup, other sterling julep cups, fine sterling silver serving pieces cracker and cheese scoops, George Jensen “Acorn” tomato server, Leonore Doskow place card holders, nutmeg sifters, , fine English sterling including Edward Bennett 1916 embossed page turner, Joseph & Albert Savory c. 1835 George III 13 7/8″ ladle with shell bowl, Jonathan Hayne 12 1/4″ ladle, Bruckmann & Son 800 silver “Entwurf” dinner knives, spoons, teaspoons, forks, serving spoons and (12) fish sets with etching, Peugeot sterling pepper mills, Sheffield plate items including Atkins Brothers oval biscuit box and serving spoons, Martin Hall & Co. fish server set,, Henry Wilkinson & Co. shell bowl, rare E. Miller & Co. No. 287 figural oil lamp of a baseball pitcher with “C” on chest and “Chicago Club” at belt, good selection of military items, patent model loom, Hermes scarves (Napoleon, Liberty, Le Timbalier, Les Cavaliers d’Or), area and room size oriental rugs, good clocks including Birge, Peck & Co. mahogany shelf clock with reverse painting of Stanwix and Congress Halls, Chauncey Jerome shelf clock with an estate scene, Sperry & Shaw mahogany shelf clock with reverse painting of “Franklin College, Athens, Georgia – original name of University of Georgia, Seth Thomas oak hanging shelf clock, Welch walnut shelf clock, Gilbert store regulator with faint Drink Coca-Cola on dial, Seth Thomas shelf clock with General Beauregard,  collection of over 25 pcs. Waco, Bybee, Selden Bybee, Cornelison and Nance pottery, flasks and bottles (blue J.B. Wheatleys Compund Syrup – Dallasburgh, KY, Latonia Springs Dairy milk bottle, cut crystal back bar bottle “Kentucky Dew”, Carlisle, Maysville, Cynthiana, Carrollton, Georgetown, Franklin and other pharmacy bottles), 104 pc. set Wedgwood “Florentine” china, Back Knight “Westchester” dinner plates, fine crystal and porcelains including RPM Berlin sleeping cat, Richard Klemm Dresden pcs., Meissen plate, Lladro porcelains, Royal Worcester Brids of Prey, 22 3/4″ etched Hurricane shades, seaside water color signed Rigi, Howard Storm 1936 engraving, Carle Vernet horse racing engravings, Audubon Bowen edition prints, A Trip to Brighton colored lithographs, Currie & Ives Music Hath Charms, (3) Robert Burns Wilson watercolors, ooc painting titled “Evening on the Lledr, N. Wales” by Charles Leslie (British, 1835-1890), ooc of a river valley with mountains titled “Eastern Montana” by James E. McBurney (American, 1868-1955), “Entering Garden Tomb” by Anthony Joseph Salvatore (1938-1994), Paris street scene signed Antoine Blanchard, Hubley pup on pillow cast iron bank, King grass seed strippers, 36 1/8″ carved Gambler’s cane, inlaid KY cherry dressing mirror, folk art carved 24 1/2″ gentleman, 1827 US passport granted to Charles Potter and signed Feb. 7, 1827 by the Secretary of State Henry Clay, 18 1/2″ Aug. Moreau sculpture of a small girl titled “Le Baiser”, Shaker No. 1 cast iron stove, Shaker horse hair brush and sewing box, Spencerian drawings, walnut and cherry Chippendale mirrors, firkins, mohair lion and jointed Teddy bears, pair Staffordshire spaniels, good selection of spatterware including handless cups and saucers, rare red vegetable dish with peafowl, plates with rainbow, 3-color tulip and 4-tulip decoration, grease lamps, large platters, B&H Limoges 13 1/2″ charger with duck signed BAC, 12″ LBDC Limoges charger with fish signed Long, green and brown jade figures, Chinese porcelain, Military items including RZM Hitler Youth knife, Hitler Youth knife with faint motto, German WWII helmet, 35″ Japanese sword signed on tang and never drilled, Japanese Calvary sword, German Nazi WWII SS Police sword by WKC with rare SS stamp, Imperial Prussian Model 1889 WWI Officer’s sword, cut down Japanese sword with soldier’s 1000 stitch belt with coin, rare pair of Japanese black powder matchlock rifles/tanegashima, app. 53″ long and likely by the hand of the same gunsmith, KY Derby trade stimulator, 1932 KY Derby program, Tiffany Studios gold dore’ chargers, Libbey cut glass bud vase, fine cut glass water pitcher, brass push-up candlesticks, cranberry and amethyst opalescent oil lamps, jade figures, Ming Dynasty 4″ Celadon vase, Fleuger No. 1640 4/0 Atlapac Fishing reel, Teplitz candleabra, Jean Pouyat Limoges rse decorated bowl and pitcher set, rag and woven rugs,display cabinet, Hammond organ and speaker, oak Columbus coutertop display cabinet, Empire mahogany double door step-back bookcase, Victorian pier mirror.

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