Naomi R. Dale and Phyllis Darrell Gaunce Antiques Auction

Naomi R. Dale and Phyllis Darrell Gaunce Antiques Auction

Friday, January 2 and Saturday, January 3

10:00 a.m.

Large Quilts will begin selling at 2:00 p.m. on Friday; Carlisle items will sell on Friday.

Collection of fine antiques, clocks, dolls, porcelains, costume jewelry, glassware, prints and more from the homes of the late Naomi R. Dale and Phyllis Darrell Gaunce. Fine walnut corner cupboard, cherry Jackson Press, cherry 4-drawer chests, early cherry stand tables, cherry washstand, cherry blanket chests, cherry tapered and gate leg drop leaf dining tables, 12 and 6-tin pie safes, cane seat rockers, cherry cannonball and poster beds, furnishings made/modified by Carlisle, KY craftsman Rolla Scott including a walnut secretary, tables, etc.; walnut day bed, oak stand tables, Deacon’s bench, walnut dresser with marble insert, ladie’s oak drop front desk, walnut and oak washstands, cobbler’s bench, fine oak ice box, round oak claw foot dining table and chairs, oak washstand, oak glass door bookcase, pine 2 pc. cupboard, walnut veneered ladie’s drop front desk, walnut platform cradle, maple dough board, oak 5 drawer chest, walnut Victorian bed, Chippendale sofa, carved back sofa and chair, wing back chairs, leather La-Z-Boy and other recliners, platform and other rockers, cherry and walnut chair sets, maple beds, maple 4-drawer chest, lots of chairs, cherry and rose back chair sets, marble top Victorian table, fine variety of trunks of all sizes, cherry server, and more. Fine bisque dolls including Armand Marseilles 360 24″ bisque, composition and celluloid dolls, Effanbee Patsyand other Effanbee dolls, bisque Baby Bo-Kaye reproduction, 1986 MBI Shirley Temple doll, Georgene Averill 1982 reproduction bisque doll, Germany doll with kid body, bisque head dolls with cloth bodies, fashion doll, oak pressed back child’s chairs and rockers, convertible stroller/high chair, tin toys, Big Little Books, other children’s books, doll trunks, fine cast iron Organ Bank, Buddy L pressed steel truck with dumping bed and lights, stuffed toys, other tin toys child and doll trunks, miniature chests and dresser. Fine early papier mache` tray, fine porcelain including hand painted bowls and plates, tea sets, silver plate items including punch bowl, large centerpiece and more, good selection of early country and craftsman baskets, kitchen collectibles including coffee mills, butter molds, blue graniteware items, wooden kitchen tools, good clocks including a Seth Thomas Fashion No. 4 calendar clock, decorated stoneware, good glassware including pattern, pressed, carnival, and depression, Thistle pattern items, Mary Gregory decorated pcs., tumblers, cranberry cruet, cranberry opalescent barber bottle, pink cased mantle lustres and other art glass, lots of horse related items including statues, porcelain, bridal rosettes, iron items, flat irons and miniatures, stone jars and crocks, Christmas Village collectibles and accessories including Snow and Heritage Villages, covered hens on nest, egg collection, cup and saucer sets, hat pins and holders, Roseville Bleeding Heart vase, Hull pottery, copper and brass powder flask, early long rifle, cook books, brass beehive candlesticks, blue jars, hats and hat boxes, milk bottles, miniature lamps, Aladdin lamps, oil lamps, good banquet and table lamps, cast iron Mammy door stop, Belleek, beaded bags, chalk boards, Detrick Motto jug, miniature jug, mini wash board, early spice box, coin silver spoons (Munro serving spoon dated 1782, Dumotet, G.W. McDannold, W. Kendrick, Wm. P. Durgin, sterling silver flatware, souv. spoons), flow blue items, early English ironstone ABC plate, platters, pressed glass Birds and Berries pitcher, cut glass relish and water set, Candlewick, Limoge dragon handle tankard, 1909 and 1911 calendar plates, and more. Paul Sawyier prints:  Morning Ride, Berry Picker, Boyhood Memories, The Legend of Pinnacle Point, N. Frankfort, Wilson’s Store at Keene, Barbeque Springs, Walking in the Park, Lambs, Horses drinking; Nellie Meadows, Ray Harm including Bald Eagle, , Russell May, fins selection of G. Harvey prints (Reflecting His Majesty, Daddy’s Priorities), Naomi Dale floral and landscape paintings, Phyllis Darrell Gaunce painting, framed needlepoints, Juanita Hunt painting of a lake, Regina Barnes print of the Forest Retreat stone barn, good mirrors, Ferry Seeds prints, Longaberger baskets, Covered animal dishes, Ostrich eggs, Easter eggs, Noritake eggs, powder flask, iron keys and lock, iron banks, Eva cast iron child’s stove, iron Mammy door stop, iron 1938 King’s Genius horse door stop, lots of good bisque figurines, piano babies and more. Outstanding selection of quality linens including table cloths, etc., over 35 outstanding quilts including some pieced by Mrs. Naomi Dale and quilted by the late Mrs. Sue Rule, a noted quilting artist, and others (Flower garden, Postage stamp, cross stitch quilts, Log cabin, Dogwood, Tulip, Block, Snowflake, Monkey Wrench, Crazy quilt, Diamond, 8-point star and block, Blocks, Bowtie, House, Rob Peter to Pay Paul, and more), table and bed linens, good afghans and throws, baby quilts, etc. Good selection of sterling silver, 14k gold including rings, 14k sunburst pin with app. .81 carats diamonds, 14k ladies watch and chain, costume jewelry by noted makers including Trifari, Weiss, Vogue and others, 10k diamond and pearl pendant with Italian 14k 16 3/4′ chain, rose gold onyx and pear pin, 14k rose gold man’s ring, costume rings, 10k gold bar pin with blue stone, 14K white gold chain with diamon heart shaped pendant, 10K man’s wedding band, Victorian pins and bracelet, 14K yellow gold ring with emerald and diamond, 14K yelow gold cluster with app. .50 ctw., 14K yellow gold  sterling charm bracelets, Cameo brooches, Mexican silver pins and pendants, ladie’s gold filled National pocket watch, mourning brooch, charm bracelet with 10k Carlisle High School class ring and N.A.R. watch pendant, 14k rose gold Masonic ring, Elgin National Watch Co 14k watch on 20 3/4″ Krementz 10K chain, gold filled Elgin pocket watch with B.B. Royal case, Hamilton10K gold filled case pocket watches, Elgin hunting case 17 jewel pocket watch, 18K man’s band, 14K child’s ring, items of local interest including Blue Licks and Carlisle bottles, AA Dale Myers 1920 calendar plates, rare AA Dale Myers, KY plate with boy riding a turkey, Carlisle United Methodist Church plate, 1918 Carlisle Methodist Church spoon, AJ Winters, Paris sterling and glass footed salts and spoons, 1926 gold chain with medals, bridal rosettes, bags of costume jewelry, Schaeffer Liftime fountain pen, stick pins, horse jewelry, Peters Shells pinback and Winchester Nublack stick pin, Belknap Business pins, Campaign buttons, Wm. McKinley, Alton B. Parker, William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt (9 different varieties), advertising pins, Old Reliable Coffee pocket mirror, World War I German leather spike helmet eagle face plate, liner and chin strap, and much more.

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