Memorial Day 2015 Antiques Auction

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Annual Memorial Day Antiques Auction

Monday, May 25, 2015  10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Outstanding selection of early KY furniture, quality paintings, presentation sterling and coin silver, cut crystal and much more.  Live internet bidding will be available at  Preview:  Sunday, May 24 from 2 to 6 p.m.

Two fine inlaid KY Cherry corner cupboards, one with reeded returns and both with matching carved dentil moldings on cornice; early Cherry corner cupboard with high scalloped apron, fine KY Cherry 2 pc. linen press; unusual early Cherry four door Jackson Press/jelly cupboard, early Cherry and walnut chests, early Cherry cupboard tops, fine early Mahogany bow front chest with biscuit corners, ornate mahogany pier mirror, walnut 2 pc. step back cupboard, walnut corner cupboard, Oak 3 pc. bedroom suite with rolled shell carved crest, fine oak and mahogany benches, exceptional oak barley twist claw foot chevel mirror, early five drawer miniature walnut/butternut chest, fine tiger oak claw foot sideboard, early 12-tin pie safe, primitive cherry jelly cupboard, walnut 2 pc. bookcase, oak curved glass china cabinet, primitive paint decorated stepback cupboard, early cherry poster bed with remnants of early red paint, walnut tall back bed, walnut marble top dresser, early Windsor comb back chair, mahogany arm chair, primitive cherry chest, primitive cherry hutche top, large round oak serving table with lazy-susan top, oak hotel washstand, cherry stands, painted walnut wardrobe, double door mahogany bookcase, cherry inlaid drop front desk, painted Pennsylvania Dutch style blanket chest, Chippendale carved back settee, misc. ”as found” furniture, spool cabinets, Ross Table Wash Stand, fine upholstered chairs, mounted lap desk, cast iron parlor stove,   and more.  Exceptional 35″ Buckeye Bell Foundry 1869 VanDuzen and Tift Plantation bell and frame.

Good silver including T.K. Marsh Paris, KY coin silver beakers, Kinsey coin silver beaker marked “Premium B Co. A S” for Bourbon County Agricutural Society, Samuel P. Bailey Indianapolis coin silver beaker marked “F.C.A.S. Premium”, Mark Scearce JFK and LBJ Presidential sterling silver julep cups, Trees julep cups, A.J. Winters Co. sterling julep cup, sterling silver julep cups, sterling bowls and chargers, sterling 2-handle covered urn and other items presented to former Kentucky Attorney General (1960-64 and 1968-72) and U.S. Representative (1956-60) John B. Breckinridge, Sterling cigarette case and holster of Scot Dudley Breckinridge, member 1912 Olympic Fencing team, 1906 and 1914 US National Men’s Foil Champion, West Point Fencing Champion 1902-04; D.P. Armer, Richmond, KY sterling teaspoons, B.F. Meek coin silver tea, fruit and serving spoons, Gorham “Fairfax” sterling silver, Towle “Lady Mary” sterling flatware service for 12 with additional pieces, Gorham sterling goblets, sterling candlesticks, coin silver, Cincinnati and Paris, KY souvenir spoons, LOTS of sterling.

Paintings including an exceptional oil on masonite board by Eric Sloane (1905-1985) titled “Taos Rabbit Hunt”, painting on board of the “Schooner Gov. Ames Capt. Joe Davis 1902″, N. Currier lithograph of “The Celebrated Horse Lexington”, Richard Stone Reeves “Three Kings” print.  Good clocks including (2) oak grandfather clocks – one Mission style, one with Regina Gong 5 bar chimes, fine English mahogany 4-Seasons grandfather clock with moon phase, wall and mantle clocks including tall Eli Terry patent Seth Thomas mantle clock with wooden works, tall Luman Watson & Son, Cincinnati, Ohio mantle clock with wooden works, wall Regulators, shelf clocks, good selection of Pocket watches including Hampton, South Bend, Waltham, Illinois, Elgin and Hamilton, porcelain mantle clocks.  Good decorated stoneware including R. W. Russell, E. P. Norton, Reidinger & Caire, J. Fisher & Co., Jas. Hamilton, Hamilton and Jones, James Hamilton, T.F. Reppert Successor to J. Hamilton, G. A. McCarthey & Bro. Maysville, KY canner, J.T. Doores Nashville, Tenn. jug, P.A. Huffman 1 gallon jar.  Red mark R.S. Prussia bowls, T. Walker “Scinde” 19 7/8″ flow blue platter, H&K “Madras” gaudy ironstone 19 1/2″ platter, Blue Meissen 18 1/4″ platter, Indian Tree 17 1/2″ platter, fine 20″ Ironstone deep well platter, McCoy Independence Hall floor vase, oriental porcelains and bronze champleve jardiniere, Capodimonte A. Belcari lady and horse figure, pr. Old Paris vases, rare Gorham bronze Frigate Constitution bookends, area and room size Oriental rugs, Clark’s Teaberry Gum display tray, Coca-Cola grocery cart bottle holders, Ramons display store jar, oil lamps, candy molds, fine miniature basket, J. Russell Green River Works knife, wooden kitchen collectibles including dough bowls, Shaker items, Folk Art carved canes and ox, bronze figure of a mountain lion or tiger, Pennsylvania Dutch decorated document box, Ram’s horn shaving stand, primitive painted dough box and child’s high chair, weathervane parts, copper candle mold, good selection of cut crystal including Waterford, Rosenthal and Val St. Lambert, Steuben 4 1/2″ “Kiss” sculpture, amber glassware, large selection of Heisey Orchid etched crystal including pitcher, decanter, ice bucket, plates, vases, stemware and serving pcs., Fostoria Coin punch bowl, sets of Haviland china, fishing reels, lamps, oriental porcelains, Buffalo Bill and Indian post cards, early rocking horses and pull toys, Fisher Price General Hauling action pull toy, Hustler Toy Corporation horse and rider, Putnam Dye cabinet, Texaco Fire Chief gas globe, Angle lamps, leaded panel hanging lamp, Marx Stream Line No 25225 train, Chrome parade batons, Steiff bears and much more.

Terms:  Cash or check with proper identification.  Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% Buyer’s Premium added; 13% Buyer’s Premium for internet buyers.



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