Memorial Day Antiques Auction – May 29, 2017 – 10:00 a.m.

Annual Memorial Day Antiques Auction

Monday, May 29     10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center     3740 Maysville Road     Carlisle, KY

We’ve been gathering some rarities for you for this special auction.  Enjoy!  Live internet bidding will be available at  Sorry, internet bidding will not be available on our jewelry offering.  Absentee and limited phone bidding available on those items.

Rare Find!!!  Collection of Paul Sawyier portraits and a water color from a Maysville, KY home, acquired from the artist by the family and descended to the current owner, the water color titled “Macy’s Riffle Ky River July 27, 98″, two Robert Burns Wilson water colors, KY cherry sugar chest, four drawer mixed wood chest with turned half columns, oak curved glass china cabinet, walnut square china cabinet,, 4 drawer mahogany chest with intricate string inlay, 6-drawer walnut Ohio Valley chest, 3-drawer cherry chest with tiger maple drawer fronts, hanging cupboard, etegere, tilt top table, Marble top washstand, early Fancy chairs, good game tables, French ormolu mounted fern stands, painted arrowback bench, 10-tin pie safe, spinet mahogany desk, server with barley twist legs, gate leg drop leaf table, Kittenger server, marble top table with lion’s heads, Bronze figure Le Passeur, 25 14″ grist mill stone and two smaller stones, cast iron porcelain water fountain, 3-drawer pine miniature chest, baskets, 75″ set sleigh bells, F.J. Bobbins, Jonesport, Maine duck decoys, Daniel Pratt & Sons mantle clock, carved and inlaid sewing box, sterling and coin silver julep cups, International Lord Saybrook sterling silver goblets, (2) sets sterling silver flatware (Towle Old Master Gorham Strasbourg), sterling 3 pc. coffee service, Kirk & Son Repousse footed mayonnaise and ladle, Silver Crest sterling on Bronze 14 3/8″ vase with corn stalk and Agricultural presentation plaque, Cartier pewter platter, fine brass centerpiece with cut crystal covered vases, Victorian bronze figure, Victorian parlor sets, chairs, tables, La-Z-Boy Leather Master love seat, nice selection of RS Prussia and related porcelain including bowls, plates, cracker jars, tea sets, fine selection of Hidden Image pcs., berry sets and more, Royal Vienna porcelains, Nippon and related porcelain, Limoges game set with turkeys, Meissen green dragon charger, exhibition Rookwood vase with molded green flowers, other paintings, select early cast iron cap guns, cut glass, military items (Model 1860 Ames Cavalry sabre, German Cavalry sword, Muni era 17th Century Japanese sword, early Wakisashi Samurai sword, WW 2 Japanese Police sword, Japanese sword in sheath with words on Kanji and unsigned blade, 1868 French L’ettienne sword-type bayonet, German WW2 helmet with chicken wire half basket – Model 1942, German post-war Hitler Youth dagger by Richard Herder c. 1945-50, Carl Eickhorn WW2 German Army Officer’s sword, ), selection of antique firearms (Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy .36, Le Faucheux 11 m/m revolver made in Belgium during the Civil War – used by North and South, Springfield M1873 45/70, Jose. Goulcher fowling pc. (Pennsylvania) c. 1845, Tarratt & Son .40 caliber caplock rifle c. 1850, Barnett of London “Coat” pistol, c. 1825, Asa Waters Model 1836 martial pistol – the last US flint lock hand gun, Benjamin Mills 12 ga. muzzle loader double barrel shotgun, Smith & Wesson “Baby Russian” – the 1st Model single action revolver, Remington .32 rolling block rimfire rifle, Amoskeag Model 1863 .58 caliber musket, Marston & Knox 1854 boot pistol, 1800′s percussion pistol, French 1822 flintlock converted to percussion pistol, Pettibone Bros. trapdoor percussion training rifle), Oriental rugs, leaded octagonal hanging lamp with horse racing theme, brass nude on marble base, framed lithograph of George Stephenson – inventor of the 1st locomotive – with clipped signature, framed Adele signed “Rolling on the Deep” sheet music, framed poster of Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts from Lexington radio station, Anthony Hopkins and Gina Lollabrigida 1957 half sheet movie poster, Austrailian “The Phantom of the Opera” movie poster, John Tuska “Genesis” sculpture, autographed baseballs, rare 1907 New Orleans “Blue Book” with names and addresses of “fast ladies of law”, Muhammad Ali signed book titled “Prayer and Al-Islam”, 1934 KY Derby program, 1940′s KY Derby pin back buttons, Weller Woodcraft vases, Matthew Brady photo of John Wilkes Booth – The Assassin of the President, Williamsburg Reed & Barton knife box, Deming Manufacturing Co. bench, 71″ dough bowl, Oriental rugs, Navajo rug, good selection of quilts, quality cap guns and much more.  Something for everyone!

Estate Jewelry (Will not be offered as part of the on-line auction.  Absentee and phone bids accepted.):  Antique hand made platinum filigree ring set with (2) Old European cut diamonds of .78 carat, with 20 single cut diamonds of .60 carats, for a total weight of 1.38 carats.  (Insurance Replacement Value:  $5,850.); Antique hand made 18K white gold filigree ring set with 3 Old Mine Cut diamonds with total weight of .50 carats.  (insurance Replacement Value: $2,550.); .49 carat diamond solitaire pendent set in 14k yellow gold, on a 20″ solid rope chain with barrel clasp.  (Insurance Replacement Value: $2,150.); antique diamond and platinum filigree bar pin with 15k yellow undercarriage, 12K yellow pintong, and 14k yellow clasp.  Antique single cut diamond I .03 carats.  (Insurance Replacement Value:  $1,550.); 14k and Sterling bracelet with “K” and horse head in horse shoe, ladie’s Bulova 14k white gold and diamond wrist watch, 18k rose gold band (.380 ozt), 14k 18″ chain with wildcat pendant (.285 ozt), 14k 17 1/4″ necklace (.495 ozt), 14k Herringbone 18″ necklace (.325 ozt), 14k pendant with natural pearl, pear shaped aquamarine in gold setting, 14k baby’s ring, 14k sapphire band, 14k necklace with sapphire and diamond pendant, 19 1/2″ strand cultured pearls with 14k clasp, 10k necklace with pearl and diamond pendant and earrings, 1940′s ladie’s Bulova wrist watch, and more.

Terms:  Cash or check with proper ID.  Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% Buyer’s Premium.


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