March 12 Antiques, Collectibles and Household Auction


Thursday, March 12  6:00 p.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road, Carlisle, KY

Selection of household furnishings including a nice 2 pc. entertainment center, floor lamps, oriental area rugs, Ladie’s 3/4 ct. 14k diamond cluster, costume jewelry, iron and tin kitchen items, depression glass, covered animal dishes including caramel and purple slag pcs., yellow ware bowls, selection of canning and fruit jars including amber Globe and Lightning, graniteware, Pyrex, Jugtown covered dish, Coca-Cola button sign and trays, restorable dolls, prints and paintings including an Artist’s proof of a horse and good Victorian prints, hand painted china plates and bowls, early Irish Belleek cup and saucer, cut glass water sets, Quimper wall pocket, good wire plant stands, oak curved glass china cabinet, primitive slant top meal bin, primitive tables including a pine one drawer work table, cedar chest, 3 drawer cherry chest, chairs, oak secretary bookcase, pine 2 pc. cupboard, fern stands, dough board, Victorian chairs, rocker, camel back trunks, and a large collection of Heritage Village including North Pole Series, Christmas in the City series and Dickens Village, with lots of accessories (see detailed listing below), ECHO 440 EVL chain saw, electrical boxes, Dirt Devil MVP sweeper, ranps and creeper, live trap, dinette set, box lots with household items, tin kitchen items, glassware, cups and mustache cups, etc., skater’s lamp with cracked globe, Mascot pedal tractor, Ingraham mantle clock, signed Harold Fain First National Bank print, Johnson Brothers Coaching Scene china, and more.

Terms:  Cash or check with proper ID.  Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% buyer’s Premium added on all items.



9.  “Little Italy” Ristorante

10.  Spring Street Coffee House

11.  Haberdashery

12.  Hollydale’s Department Store

13.  First Metropolitan Bank

14.  Café Caprice French Restaurant

15.  Heritage Museum of Art

16.  Brokerage House

17.  Hi-De-Ho Night Club

18.  The Chocolate Shop

19.  Beekman House

20.  Corner Grocer

21.  Ritz Hotel

22.  City Clockworks

23.  Potters Tea Seller

24.  City Hall

25.  Wong’s in Chinatown

26.  Pickford Place

27.  Brokerage House

28.  Red Brick Fire Station

North Pole

29.  Rimpy’s Bakery

30.  Elf Bunkhouse

31.  Orly’s Bell & Harness Supply

32.  Elfin Snow Cone Works

33.  Neenee’s Dolls & Toys

34.  Santa’s Workshop

35.  Santa’s Wood Works

36.  Tassy’s Mittens & Hassel’s Woolies

37.  Obbie’s Books & Letrinka’s Candy

38.  Elfin Snow Cone Works

39. North Pole Chapel

40.  Beard Barber Shop

41.  Santa’s Lookout Tower

42.  Popcorn & Cranberry House

43.  Elfie’s Sleds and Skates

44.  Mrs. Claus’ Greenhouse

45.  Reindeer Barn

46.  Post Office


47.  Village Pole Pine Tree

48.  Village Pole Pine Tree

49.  Village Porcelain Pine Tree – small

50.  Village Pole Pine Tree

51.  Woodsmen Elves

52.  Sleigh & Eight Tiny Reindeer

53.  Village Icicles

54.  Village Skating Pond (liner)

55.  Brick (liner)

56.  Promotion Accessory hanging plaque

57.  Village Wrought Iron Gate and Fence

58.  Chain Link Fence with Gate

59.  Last Minute Delivery

60.  Last minute Delivery

61.  Letters For Santa

62.  Holiday Field Trip

63. Letters For Santa

64.  Testing The Toys

65.  Testing The Toys

66.  Village Pencil Pines

67.  Village Pole Pine Tree

68.  Village Pole Pine Tree

69.  Village Pole Pine Tree

70.  Santa By The Fire (no box)

71.  Village Express Van

72.  Trimming The North Pole

73.  Winter Sleigh Ride

74.  North Pole Gate

75.  Frosted Bare Branch Tree

76.  Gate House

77.  Holiday Field Trip

78.  Christmas Cadillac

79.  Wrought Iron Park Bench

80.  Santa and Mrs. Claus

81.  Sled and Skis

82.  Home Delivery Carty, House For Sale Signs, and others

83.  Four Calling Birds

84.  Santa’s Little Helpers

85.  Toymaker Elves

86.  City Tax

87.  DICKENS VILLAGE – C.H. Watt Physician

88. City Subway Entrance

89.  The Fire Brigade

90.  Charting Santa’s Course

91.  Automobiles

92.  Village Snowy Evergreens – Set of 5 large

93.  Village Pole Pine Tree

94.  Village Pole Pine Tree

95.  Village Porcelain Pine

96.  City Taxi

97.  Testing The Toys

98.  City Fire Department Fire Truck

99.  Village Pole Pine Tree

100.  Village Pole Pine Forest (4)

101.  Going Home For The Holidays

102.  Baker Elves

103.  Village Flexible Sisal Hedge (3)

104.  Village Cobblestone Town Square

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