Labor Day 2016 Antiques Auction

Labor Day Antiques Auction

Monday, September 5   10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road  Carlisle, KY

Good selection of painted primitive furniture including a 2 pc. blue step-back cupboard, a green painted 2 pc. step back cupboard, an exceptional Clark Co., KY painted 6-tin pie safe, grain painted step back cupboard, fine KY cherry sugar chest on turned feet with single drawer, fine mahogany Butler’s secretary/bookcase, mahogany inlaid game table, Chinese Chippendale side table, fine KY cherry sideboard, fine inlaid centennial sideboard, Robert Mitchell Furniture Co. Cincinnati mahogany sideboard, 6-drawer and 4-drawer cherry chests, Chippendale maple 4-drawer chest, early Tavern table, fine carved back recamier and matching chair, panelled walnut 12 pane corner cupboard with center drawers, cherry 2 pc. 12 pane corner cupboard with center drawers, fine cherry inlaid banquet end tables, Hekman carved walnut Executive office desk, mahogany knockdown wardrobe, pine storage chest, walnut chest, Tavern table with banded top, app. 20 Oriental rugs in various sizes.  Rare early KY long rifle marked “G. Mefford” for George Mefford (noted early pioneer and gunsmith from the Maysville, KY area), books on KY silver, Meerschaum pipes, carved canes, butter molds, coffee grinders, Brown & Williamson No. 2 tobacco plug cutter, brass candlesticks, iron toys, advertising items, Roy Rogers guitar in original box.  RS Prussia floral bowls and plates, rare Lions berry bowl, large collection of Royal Bayreuth including Brown bear and Polar bear pcs., kangaroo, emu, stork, penguin, Boy with donkeys, work horses, Highland sheep – cattle – goats, cows, deer, birds, Man with sickle and chickens, Lady feeding chickens, The Chase, with cracker jars, humidors, tankard, pinch lip creamers, tapestry, ferner, 3-handle loving cup, toothpicks, vases, mush set, miniature cheese dish, double spout pitchers, covered boxes, mustard pots, and more, Haviland Limoges porcelains, Nippon, Royal Vienna coffee/tea service in original box with Kaufmann classical scene decoration, Rookwood pottery, Wedgewood Jasperware, Flow blue porcelain, International sterling silver Prelude Coffee and Tea service, 44 pc. Wallace Grand Colonial sterling silver flatware, Preisner sterling candlabra, brass banquet lamps, Old Hickory child’s set, LeCoultre Atmos brass and glass clock, Lladro, bride’s baskets, Bristol vases, Quezal and other shades, fine Art Glass including a Pairpoint reverse painted lamp, Legras cameo vase, Weiss cameo vase, Wheeling peachblow stick vase, Pairpoint burmese, Gunderson peachblow cheese dish, Loetz and other Austrian art glass vases, good selection of tumblers including Agata, Wheeling Peachblow, Millefiori and satin glass.  Stoneware including miniature jugs (Hagan’s Sunnyside Bourbon Short and Broadway, Lexington, Brookhill Whisky Garrard County, KY, I W Harper scratch and stenciled), G.A. McArthey & Bro. 2 gallon Maysville stone jar, Meerschaum pipes, carved canes, paper clips, advertising items, tin and iron toys, Roy Rogers guitar in box, Howe platform scale.  Rolex Oyster Perpetual lady Datejust watch with Jubilee bracelet with 14k trim, Allen Chee marked sterling and mixed metals American Indian cuff bracelet, 16″ pearl necklace and earrings with 14k clasp and backs.  Military items including Nazi WW2 helmets and Police bayonet, Nazi Political Leader’s hat, Hitler Youth daggers, Imperial Japanese Navy Samurai sword, early signed Japanese sword with wooden sheath, early US Eagle head sword with bone handle, early parade hat with feather plume.  Gaetano Capone (1845-1920 Maiori, Italy) watercolor, Gordon G. Pond Oil on canvas Canyon Del Muerto, Redwing Nez oil on canvas mountain scene with riders, landscape painting of a lake/river scene, Oriental drawings, early duck prints, Currier & Ives prints, Henry Faulkner print “In The Winner’s Circle”, Grandma Mose print “The Haying Time”.  Pedal cars and tractors including Casey Jones The Cannonball Express No. 9 car, Murray Sand and Gravel Heavy Duty Dump Truck No 742 with Jet Flow Drive, Murray American pedal car, AMF Fire Fighter Unit No. 508 truck, Eska McCormick Farmall 450, Ertl Model No. F-68 Ford TW-5 tractor, tricycles, Michiana Flyer trike, collection of German pipe ashtrays, collection of Cameo Creations, good selection of Fenton including many Fenton Family signed pieces.

Terms:  Cash or check with proper ID, Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% Buyer’s Premium.  Internet bidding available at .

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