July 4 Independence Day Auction

Independence Day Auction

Monday, July 4   10:00 a.m.

Mattox Auction Center  3740 Maysville Road   Carlisle, KY

A very brief listing of what will be an all-day event!

Great selection of Case XX pocket knives, Case XX Stag 1978 Red Letter set in wooden Case XX collector’s box, Case XX Elephant’s Toenail, Remington 200 Year red and green bone sets, and more; Collectible coins including Proof, Prestige, Premiere and American Legacy sets, Commemorative $1 coins, graded Peace and Morgan dollars, including key dates, Silver Eagles, roll of (20) Barber half dollars, Silver Certificates, Foreign coins and more; (6) new Ross bicycles (MIB), new bicycle parts including seats, handle bars, chains, tires and wheels.

Modern furniture including painted French Country chests, various cocktail tables, sofa tables, pub tables, bar stools of varying heights, painted cupboards, bronze lacquered furniture suite including lighted bookcases, and more.

Antiques and Collectibles including curved glass oak china cabinet, oak kitchen cupboard, oak stand table with large claw and ball feet, oak hall tree, cherry drop front plantation desk top, walnut plantation desk base, small washstand, Empire center table, Mission oak coat rack and Morris recliner, oak hall tree, fine round oak dining tables, knotty pine desk, Cherry dovetailed drop front desk, platform and other rockers, mixed wood wash stand, early wrought iron patio furniture (marble top table, early 6 pc. set, early 3 pc. tall bar set with folding chairs), concrete flower pots, and more.

Tiffany & Co. crystal center bowl, Cedar churn, brass buckets, 2 Qt. Daisey churn, oak wall telephone, Bourbon Stock Yards broadside reprint, hooked rugs, butter molds, coffee mill, metal Coca-Cola 6 pack carrier, ET lunch box, tins, graniteware, victorian photo album, carnival glass, cigar mold, ship door stop, tobacco cutter, fire box, hanging leaded shade, leather chaps, hand painted china, cup and saucer sets, Watt pottery, Harlequin, Fostoria, Bybee pottery, hand sewn quilts, early coverlets, Boyd’s Bears, box lots, reverse painted on glass The Continental Insurance Co. sign, framed Landholders’ Bank South Kegstonn, RI and Farmers Ex. Bank Gloucester, RI bank notes.

A large selection of over 275 pcs. of Blue Ridge Pottery, with examples in over 35 patterns including Mardi Gras, Ivy, Southern Dogwood, French Peasant, Patricia, Carnival, Glamour, Quaker Apple, Bluebell Bouquet, Yellow Nocturne, Cumberland, Pom Pom, Garden Green Yellow-Blue, Teal Roseanne, Carousel, Chatam, Blackeyed Susan, Pink Parfait, Mountain Daisy, Montain Nosegay, Pauline, Waltz Time, Judy, Showgirl, Pinkie, Wild Strawberry, Country Road variant, Jean’s Delight, Green Eyes, Stargazer, Beggar Weed, Poinsettia, Whirligig, Bluebell Bouquet, Cassandra, Atumn Laurel, Tulip Time, Symphony, Roseanna, Dazzle, Autumn Apple and more.

Also, a selection of good showcases, including oak table top, modern upright cabinets, and a great 12′ X 18′ semi-round set of lighted chrome and glass Jahabow cases.

Paintings, including a lake landscape signed O. Wildner, oil on canvas portraits by Nell Robinson, chalk portraits by Lexington, KY artist Tony Zapponi, Indonesian landscape with a volcano in background by GA Kadir, oil on canvas painting of pups in a basket, good water colors and engravings, Folk Art paintigns on canvas of two girls, oil on canvas landscape, large landscape with a stag, and much more.

Walnut American League clock presented to Dick Butler by Lee MacPhail “For his participation as a member of the American League team in The Major League All Star Game in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 23, 1974″; walnut pedestal with Swedish cut crystal bowl with American League emblem presented by Lee MacPhail to Dick Butler for his participation as a member of the American League team in The Major League All Star Game Yankee Stadium, New York, July 19, 1977; Award San Antonio Missions Hall of Fame 1960 preented to Dick Butler; 1963 17th Annual Governor’s Baseball Dinner, March 20, 1963, Tampa, Florida ash tray; Cincinnati Reds photos; needlepoint of American League emblem; early Electronic Football and Baseball games; Pete Rose framed photo; Pete Rose framed commemorative as All-Time Hits Leader.

1899 Anti Kamaria calendar; Clark’s History of Kentucky; Joe Creason’s Ketnucky; Uncle Will of Wildwood; Rupp’s Championship Basketball 1st Edition; Eisenhower was my boss by Kay Summersby; Strikeout Story by Bob Feller with notation “My best wishes to Commissioner and Mrs. Chandler Sincerely Yours, Bob Feller May 12, 1947″; The Seamless Rubber Co “13 Basic Basketball Shots”; 1965 Baseball Handbook & Schedules pamphlet; Every Diamond Doesn’t Sparkle by Fresco Thompson with note dated August 15, 1964 “To Dick Butler One whose friendship over these many years I value most highly  Sincere good wishes! Fresco Thompson”; How to Bat compiled by Harry “The Hat” Walker with note “dear Dick This will not help you around the pool but you might enjoy reading it  Harry”; Knute Rockne – Man Builder by Harry A Stuhdreher 1st Edition; “it was like this” by Horold V. Ratliff with note “To Dick Butler my favorite baseball league president – Harold V. Ratliff; Saturday’s Children by Giles Tippette, 1st Printing 1973; Red Auerbach – Winning The Hard Way, 1st Edition; Return to Glory – The Story of the Cleveland Browns by Billy levy 1st Edition, The Gray-Flannel Pigskin by William Hnery Paul 1st Edition, G I Had Fun byAl Schacht with note “July 10, ’45 Red Auerback. Winning the Hard Way” First Edition, with note dated “July 10, ’45 To Coms. Happy Chandler Hope you enjoy this book.  If you don’t you can ban me —– Sincerely Al Schecht; Arnsparger’s Coaching Defensive Football by Bill Arnsparger with not “George, Thanks for the early lessons in athletics and life – Bill”; Cincinnati Power Basketball by Ed Jucker with note “Best Regards  Ed Jucker; letter from Balfour Company dated April 18, 1950 to Mr. Richard Butler c/o Mr. A.B. Chandler, Commissioner of Baseball concerning some plaques from C. Robert Jeager, Assistant to the President.

Terms:  Cash or check with proper identification.  Visa and MasterCard accepted.  10% Buyer’s premium.

Pocket Knives

  1. Old U.S.A. Schrade folding Hunter 1-blade, original holster, used very little
  2. Mint Case XX tiny Hunter 2-blade in original box, 2003, #62165, antique bone handle
  3. Case XX old red bone Congress, 1997, #64052 SS, mint
  4. Case XX old red bone Canoe, #62131 SS, 2 dot, mint
  5. Case XX 2-blade Hunter in original holster, 1970, slightly used, 10 dot
  6. Case XX 3-blade stag handle Gunboat pattern with deer on blade, 2004, mint
  7. Case XX 2-blade Trapper stag handle, original box, deer on blade, 2004, mint
  8. Case XX Baby Butterbean, pocket worn, 2003, mint
  9. Case XX 2-blade Muskrat in original box, pocket worn, 2003, mint
  10. Case XX Hawkbill in original box, 2003, mint
  11. Rough Rider jigged bone handle Hawkbill, mint
  12. Case XX Classic stag Bull Dog, with original box and papers, only 732 made, 1992
  13. Case XX old red bone Peanut, 2000, 10 dot, mint
  14. Case XX 4-blade stag Congress, 1997, 3 dot, mint
  15. Case XX old red bone in original box, pocket worn, #6220 SS, mint
  16. Case XX Trapper with original box, pocket worn
  17. Case XX Copper lock in original box, pocket worn
  18. German Boker 4-blade Congress with black bone handle, original box, 1973
  19. Hen & Rooster stag handle 4-blade Congress with carbon steel blade, mint in box, 1 of 250
  20. Robeson red deer stag handle 4-blade Congress in original box, #32
  21. Case XX Trapper, #6254 SS, in original box, pocket wear, mint
  22. Case XX Sowbelly, pocket worn, in original box, 2003, mint
  23. Case XX Stockman in original box, pocket worn, 2003, mint
  24. Case XX Trapper with serrated blade, #R 6254, 1982, 8 dot, mint
  25. Case XX old red bone mini Trapper with original box, 1999, mint
  26. Case XX old red bone Trapper in original box, mint
  27. Buck 1191, old but in original sheath, never used, VERY sharp!
  28. Remington 200 Year 8-piece red bone set in display, with original box
  29. Remington 200 Year 8-piece green bone set in display, with original box
  30. Case XX 3 dot 1977 blue scroll 8-piece complete stag set including very rare Bull Dog and Cheetah, in wooden Case XX Collector’s box, mint.
  31. Schmidt & Ziegler 3-blade bone handle with minor handle repair
  32. Case XX 1978 2 dot stag red letter set in wooden Case XX Collector’s box, mint.


  1. 2014 1 oz. copper round in slab, Indian and Buffalo
  2. 1964 1 oz. copper round in slab, JFK
  3. 1776-1976-S silver JFK half dollar in slab
  4. 1982-S Commemorative silver George Washington half dollar in slab, Gem
  5. 1935 Peace dollar in slab
  6. NGC MS 64 1963 Franklin half dollar with full Bell line
  7. 1982-D Commemorative silver George Washington half dollar in slab, Gem
  8. 1776-1976-S silver JFK half dollar in slab
  9. 2014 .999 silver Indian round in slab
  10. 2006 Franklin Commemorative silver dollar in slab, Gem
  11. 1986-S Ellis Island Commemorative silver dollar in slab, Gem
  12. 2014 Canadian .9999 $5 Eagle in slab, Gem
  13. 1982-S Commemorative silver George Washington half dollar in slab, Gem
  14. NGC MS 63 1922 Peace dollar
  15. 1924 Peace dollar, XF-AU, in slab
  16. 1922 Peace dollar, AU-BU, in slab
  17. PCGS MS 61 1928 Peace dollar – key date
  18. PCGS AU 53 1935-S Peace dollar
  19. 2014 .999 silver round, Indian and Buffalo, in slab
  20. Silver Canadian .999 $5 Eagle in slab, Gem
  21. NGC plastic storage box
  22. 1921 MS 63 Morgan silver dollar
  23. 1883-O NGC MS 63 Morgan dollar
  24. 1884-O NGC MS 62 Morgan dollar
  25. 2004 PCGS MS 69 $1 Silver Eagle, Club Edition
  26. 2005 MS 69 Silver Eagle
  27. 2007 PCGS MS 69 $1 Silver Eagle, First Strike
  28. 2010 NGC MS 69 $1 Silver Eagle
  29. 2014 NGC MS 69 $1 Silver Eagle
  30. 2013-S Proof 69 Ultra Cameo Early Release Sacagawea $1
  31. 1996 $1 Silver Eagle in slab
  32. 2015 $8 Canadian 1 ¼ oz. Buffalo in slab.  Rare size and denomination.
  33. NGC storage box
  34. 2008 Commemorative uncirculated $1 Bald Eagle, in original box with papers
  35. 2011 Commemorative $1 US Army in original box
  36. 2012 Commemorative Silver $1 Proof Infantry Soldier, in original box
  37. 2005 American Legacy set
  38. 2006 American Legacy set
  39. 2007 American Legacy set
  40. 2008 American Legacy set
  41. Spears-Kiser Co. Paris, KY with (200) Gem uncirculated JFK 40% silver half dollars
  42. 1971-S Proof Eisenhower silver $1 in brown box
  43. 1972-S Proof Eisenhower silver $1 in brown box
  44. 1973-S Proof Eisenhower silver $1 in brown box
  45. 1960-P 5 pc. Mint set
  46. Symbols of American Freedom in display:  1901 Indian Head cent; 1944 blue-toned Mercury dime; 1905 V-nickel; 1925 Standing Liberty quarter; 1962-D Franklin half dollar
  47. American Legacy 5-pc. Set: Silver half dollar; silver Mercury dime; 1900 Indian head cent; 1908 Barber quarter; Buffalo nickel
  48. 1984 Gem Silver Prestige set in original box
  49. 1986 Gem Silver Prestige set in original box
  50. 1987 Gem Silver Prestige set in original box
  51. 1988 Gem Silver Prestige set in original box
  52. 1990 Gem Silver Prestige set in original box
  53. 1974-S Proof Eisenhower silver $1 in brown box
  54. 1968 Proof set with silver Kennedy half dollar
  55. 1969 Proof set with silver Kennedy half dollar
  56. 1970 Proof set with silver Kennedy half dollar
  57. 1962-D uncirculated Franklin half dollar in capsule
  58. Post Masters of America Commemorative Sterling Silver 1972 First Day Issue
  59. 1922-S Silver Peace $1
  60. 2009 Commemorative uncirculated Louis Braille silver $1
  61. 1992 Gem Silver Premiere Proof set
  62. 1959 and 1962 Gem Proof Franklin half dollars
  63. 1955 Franklin half dollar
  64. 1953 P-D Franklin half dollars
  65. 1883-O uncirculated Morgan silver $1
  66. 1979 Type 1 & 2 Proof Washington quarters
  67. 2008 Silver proof JFK half dollar in capsule
  68. 1932 and 1932-S Washington quarters
  69. (2) 1962-D Gem uncirculated Franklin half dollars
  70. 1958-D and 1964-P silver Washington quarters in capsules
  71. 1992 Gem Silver Premiere Proof set
  72. 1948-P and 1948-D Franklin half dollars
  73. 1921-S Walking Liberty half dollar
  74. 1964-D Kennedy half dollar, uncirculated, in capsule
  75. 1961-D and 1963-D silver Franklin half dollars
  76. 1890 Morgan silver $1
  77. 2000 Leif Ericson Commemorative Proof Silver $1
  78. 1991 Mt. Rushmore Commemorative Proof Silver $1
  79. 2002 US Military Academy Commemorative uncirculated Silver $1
  80. World War II 2 pc. Proof Commemorative Silver $1 and half dollar
  81. Rare 2 pc. Silver Leif Erickson and 1000 Kroner Proof set
  82. 1995 Civil War Commemorative proof Silver 41
  83. 2006 Ben Franklin uncirculated silver Commemorative $1, The Scientist
  84. 2006 Ben Franklin uncirculated silver Commemorative $1, Founding Father
  85. 1991 Korean War Commemorative $1
  86. 1990 Eisenhower Commemorative Proof silver $1
  87. 2006 Ben Franklin Commemorative Proof silver $1
  88. 1991 Korean War proof Commemorative silver $1
  89. 1995-O 2 pc. World War II 50th Anniversary Commemorative uncirculated silver $1 and half dollar
  90. Ben Franklin Commemorative Proof Silver $1 – Scientist
  91. 2004 Thomas Edison proof Silver Commemorative $1
  92. 2002 USA Military Academy Commemorative Proof Silver $1
  93. 1966 Special Mint set with Silver Kennedy half dollar
  94. 1967 Special Mint set with Silver Kennedy half dollar
  95. 2009 uncirculated Commemorative Abe Lincoln silver $1
  96. 2009 Proof Commemorative Abe Lincoln silver $1
  97. 1957 Silver Proof set
  98. 1900 Indian Head cent
  99. 1940 and 1941 Walking Liberty half dollars
  100. 1942 and 1943 Walking Liberty half dollars

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